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    1, 2 gem boxes ?????真真真

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArbazkhanorAK View Post
    1, 2 gem boxes ?????真真真
    it means the gems you are currently ' missing out' on are worth a gembox and a shrub basically

    TLDR : Big deal, eh?

    Th12 - le chat nu !!

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    fette is always right
    Quote Originally Posted by freakazoid1985 View Post
    fette knows best

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlindHaze View Post
    How about we just have barbarian events so everyone can take part?
    Hahahaha good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedRage10 View Post
    I never feel like that way OP. Im a very new th9 without lava hounds and i dont at feel bad for myself.
    I don't feel bad for myself either. Just angry at myself for not getting upgraded sooner.

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    " This is unfair higher players get gems and we just watch"

    >>>>>all events do not give gems just discounts training cost.

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