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Thread: War factories are insanely difficult lately! Please make them easier!

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    No, it's too easy.

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    Some prefer zooka's i like my Tribal's. Took 3 attacks instead of 1, but a win is a win😁

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    Taunting your defenses with Pvt. Bullet
    Anyone notice to threads right next to each other, WF to hard and WF to easy lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by facescraper View Post
    I used sparky to take out all the rls. Once they were gone it wasn't too hard.
    Same here. 2 sparky attacks and 1 zooka finish. Lost 4 zookas

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    I personally think it's way to easy. I think it needs to go back to 3 attacks. Heck even my low level 39 turtle account can beat it week after week. It's got scaled rewards so as your skills grow you can reach higher rewards. Making if favorable to any one troops is boring. The event needs to make you think, plan out your attacks, what troops to use what objective to achieve, then plan the next attack with its best troops and objectives with the ultimate goal of winning. I used to have joy when I first started beating war factory when it had 3 attacks, as my skills grew so did my wins. Then they bumped it to 5 attacks and never lost since with little skill needed and the joy of winning was diminished. Heck players are just gbe the core now destroying it without deploying a single troop. It's starting to feel like the same boring npc bases that I have to take down day after day just so I can get a little intel.
    [. QUOTE=kdrakakis;10228942]So, I think I am going to beat today's factory, but it looks like I am going to need to use all 5 attacks, and lose all of my troops in the first 4. That's a lot of gold to spend ...

    The problem with today's factory is that it has too many prototypes and splash damage, so my CRZM gets decimated. At the same time, I cannot go in with tanks, because of the many boom cannons. So, I am going in with CRZM and I keep chipping the defenses little by little.

    But I think it would be nice if defenses could be almost exclusively either point or splash, so that at least one army composition could have an advantage! Thanks![/QUOTE]

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    I don't really care what they do with it. I don't bother participating in this most times.

    Waste of time for resources I don't need and a few proto parts I usually have the most of.

    If it had something like Stones, PP or Intel I'd probably consider it more but it doesn't.

    They should beef the health up on the statues.. 200+ percent doesn't seem to be enough.
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    Don't you want a challenge? 😬😉

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex021402 View Post
    Don't you want a challenge? 
    No. The rewards it offers don't peak my interest. Like I said I think it would if it has something more like Power Stones, Power Powder and/or Intel but it's always just resources that I don't need and most times, some proto parts I have the most of.

    I consider this day my day off the game lately.
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    These topics come up every week. It is one of the hardest events in the game and I was a little frustrated with it when I was a lower HQ as it is quite difficult and you can't really just go in and expect to blast a hole through it that way. If you love ops and forming a strategy to take it down it is a lot of fun. I honestly never look at the rewards. I don't really care what they give me but proto parts are always welcome. It's like getting rewards in Dr T, all I care about is the stones because I am maxed the other stuff is just secondary. But the best part to WF for me is killing it. It's always a lot of fun. Guys in the tf's I have played in share their attacks, see who came up with the most efficient way of tackling it etc.

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    Insert shameless plug

    I post a War Factory video on my YouTube channel every week with pretty clear instructions on how to approach it. Zmot also posts a very useful Gearheart walkthrough weekly.

    Although I always try to go for the gusto and solo it, unboosted, I know that all zooka hits aren't for everyone. I try to provide some insight on how to approach it in much easier ways on my videos.

    YouTube is a great tool for all things Boom Beach.

    Good luck my friend

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