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Thread: Tiny (3) neighborhood looking to merge

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    Tiny (3) neighborhood looking to merge

    We are small but are pretty good at derby. Level 39 & 46. Last season 3rd place Novice League! 😎

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    We are also a small neighbour hood we just started after breaking away from a neighbourhood where the majority no longer played. We are 7 strong and love to help each other and play the derby we would be will to merge if all players are willing to help others and take derby tasks. Look us up working-2-gether
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    Should have said check out working-2-gether

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    This sounds like what we are looking for! I'm not sure how to merge, but ready for it!

    could you give your code#? Not sure which one.
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    Just have everyone request to join and I will except. Mayby give me the farm names here so I know who they are. I don't know any other way to merge I am Rogans ranch. Request to join working-2-gether
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    I got room for you all! Already in Champ league, we are spanking it!
    Hood TAG #8LPVC2RV. Hood Name - Miss Behaving Spank It. We do 310 up, no crazy drama, just friendly helpful farmers!

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    We are a small hood & would welcome a merge with yourselves. We are a fun, talkative and derby active hood. Our rules are simple complete 9 tasks at 310 or higher, have fun & be helpful. We also ask the day of the derby you acknowledge if you are participating by sending a message saying participating.

    Our hood name is Victorious Secret

    Tag #8QLC92QU

    Hope to see you in our hood soon.

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    Did you find a neighbourhood to join. If not we would like to have you join us, we are helpful always and chatty at times. In 4 different time zones so usually some one on ready to help. We play the derby and only ask that you do your very best or if you know you can not participate on any given week that you opt out of that week. Come join us at working-2-gether farms we are small but love to help everyone move ahead.

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    We have room for 3 derby players. Check out our recruitment thread
    i think we might be a fit

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    If you all would like to come to our second NH with a chance to get to our main NH as your levels get higher

    your more then welcome to join the second NH

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    Derby Dominator's (Don't forget the apostrophe)
    NH Tag #90LVU22V (Don't forget the #symbol)

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