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Thread: Help a Newbie - What to do?

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    Help a Newbie - What to do?

    Hi, my name is Gabriel, but you can call me Hakuna.

    So, I just started in boom beach, like two or three weeks ago and I have a few questions about the progression and hope you guys can help me solve them.

    When I stated, I was maxing out everything before upgrading my HQ while raiding other people on the map. After a while, the process to get upgrades slowed a lot, so I switched for a more offensive playstyle after reading some guides online. As for now, I'm at EXP 26 and HQ 11 and I'm focusing almost entirely on my offense, I barely upgrade my defenses. Of course, I get raided, but I never let the base with a lot of resources, so people usually steal like less than 30k resources total.

    I'm currently with 202 VP and having a really hard time attackin other people, because most of my map is with people 30+, some are up to 42, way above my level. Every 10 "find oponents' that I do, 1 or 2 are in a level that I can securely attack.

    So, looks like I'm a bit stuck, can't attack most of my enemies and farming is not a sure-shot because of my defense, I want advice on how to manage my base, VP and etc so I can continue my agressive style. So, there's some questions:

    1 - Which upgrades should I focus?
    My order: HQ > Sculptor > Armory > LC's > Resource Storages > Resource Production > Vault > Defenses

    2 - Which is the best troop combination at this level?
    I'm using Hookas right now, but I'm thinking on switching to TMeds when available.

    3 - Which statues should I focus on gettings?
    I have 2 TD Guardians, 2 TH Guardians and a PSC 20%.

    4 - Should I stop attackin people for a while to stop my VP from rising?
    I was thinking about it, I attacked everyone that was on my map, clearing it 3 or 4 times even when the attacked base was low on resources. Now I know, it was a mistake.

    5 - When to use the Diamonds?
    I'm using them when I upgrade my armory and have gold to do na troop/artillery. So I use them to instant the Armory and spend the Money.

    I can provide more info if needed. I also would appreciate a little help with the Boom Beach Companion spreadsheet,
    Thank you for your Help.

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    Hello, Hakuna. Welcome to both the game and the forums!

    First off, you were indeed a very smart player to read through the wealth of information available, rather than just walk into the game blindly, as many do.

    1) Stay that course! You indeed identified the upgrade priorities correctly!

    2) Hookas are viable, they exclusively took me to HQ 20. You may want to try all Riflemen, sometimes mass hoards work well. When you unlock Tmeds, do not expect much from them at first. They soak up GBE, and become more viable when leveled up, and complemented with multiple good GBE's. Hence, they have a high cost, not only in gold for retraining, but in statues deployed

    3) Statues at your level unfortunately more of what you produce, as opposed to those you want. As you build more statues in the future, you can then be more selective. Statues are what I see as your limiting factor currently. Hopefully as you acquire more stones, you will build decent MPs to replace those Guardians. If you build an RR or GBE MP, consider using it and dump the 20% PSC. At that value, it probably is not returning much in form of extra stones.

    4) You have it correct, attack for resources, not just to attack. Don't stop attacking PvPs entirely, but only attack when resources are good, in otherwords, be selective in who and when you attack.

    5) That is a personal preference question. In reality, diamonds are not required at all. No one upgrade will magically turn the game around, so it comes down to what is important to you.
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    Hi rowman, thanks for the fast reply.

    I will follow your advice about the troops and I will stick with Hooka, I already invested a lot of gold on them at the armory. I was watching a lot of videos about troops, the ones that I liked most was Hookas and Warriors, seems like both the troops benefit a lot of smoke screen, I'm looking forward to unlock it. I will need some extra GBE probably.

    As for the statues. I could be with better statues, I think I made the mistake of choosing resources at the OP/Daily boat and in the supply chest. Seems like the stones are more worth it. The dark stones are so hard to come, I never get past level 4 Dr. T. so I don't get too much of those and I only crafted 2 low GBE Idol and 2 other PSC Guardians... Really unlucky.

    Again, thank you for the help. I will stay with an eye on the Forums and at the Reddit... It's really nice to have an active community outside the game too. Thanks and cya.

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