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    non-participating derby members

    Our neighborhood has just been demoted out of champions league. I was discussing with the leader (who seemed to be upset) and he/she suddenly promoted me to leader and asked me to help deal with the derby. I am still a new player and have some questions for the board about derbys. We have a core group of 5-6 players who complete all (or most) of their tasks, then we have another group of 4-5 who don't complete any tasks at all.

    I am thinking that the non participants are hurting us in the derby by matching us with larger active neighborhoods. This would mean our 6 are competing against other neighborhoods of 10 or 11. Is this correct? I also think that the number of derby points required to reach each threshold scales up based on the number of derby participants making it much more difficult for the active participants to reach higher thresholds. Is this also correct?

    Before the last derby started I announced I was going to opt out the non-participating members and told them that they are welcome to opt back in, but only if they plan to help in the next derby. They all opted back in at the last minute (which makes me suspicious of their intentions) but it is still too early to tell if they are planning on helping us. Do people who are opted in but take no tasks at all get derby rewards?

    Lastly, I don't want to give off the impression that I am a heavy-handed dictator by kicking a bunch of people but if my above assumptions are true it appears I will have no way to keep these people out of the derby unless I kick them and change the neighborhood to invite only. Is this also true?

    Any other tips you guys can give me?
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    We don't have this issue in my neighborhood, all who are opted in complete their tasks. But the general consensus on this topic has been that ultimately those people have to be kicked out if they don't complete their allotted number of tasks. The term most often used is "freeloaders" as they collect horseshoe prizes without helping to earn those prizes.

    If you do have to kick them out, I suggest doing it by Sunday next week while the derby is still going on -- that way they can't even collect horseshoes!

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    Derby teams are matched up by the number of opted-in players. So you could have a NH of 30 players but only 2 opted-in and they will be matched with other NH's with only 2 opted-in players.

    Any opted-in player will get the rewards earned by the team no matter their personal level of participation.

    It has been discussed that the ability for the leader to opt-out players can be immediately overridden by the player that chooses to opt-in. Personally, if you have discussed what you expect from the opted-in players and some decide to not abide and they don't have a good track record, your best option is to boot them from the NH. Also, you may want to make your NH "request to join" or "invite only" to keep just anybody from joining.

    If you have a core of players that like the derby, keep them happy. If players aren't going to play, there are NH's that aren't as keen on derby participation those players can join. Decide what your derby goals are, i.e. To be top 3 - earn all the horseshoes-or stay out of the bottom 3, and then develop a plan based on that. IIRC it takes at least 4 opted in players to be able to earn all the threshold prizes, so try to keep those opted in at 4 or more.

    Good luck!
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    It's not Clash of Clans

    This isn't Clash of Clans, so even a full 30-member neighborhood with only 6 derby participants can easily maintain their Champions League status. The key is to ask each active derby participant to complete all 9 tasks with each task being a minimum of 300 points. Some neighborhoods set the minimum at 312, 315 or 320, but with only 6 participants there should be plenty of high point tasks for everyone to easily contribute over 2,800 points each without having to purchase the additional 10th task.

    Active derby participants need to put in the hours. This includes trashing low point derby tasks often. Without active derby participants, it become much more difficult for everyone to contribute 2,800 points.

    I think a derby team of 6-10 participants is best. This way everyone isn't scrambling and fighting over the few 300+ point tasks. With only 6-10 players there are plenty of easy tasks to select from.

    If you find that some participants are not contributing their fair share, you can Opt the Out of the next derby. If they persist in sneaking back in at the last minute, then kick them. Good luck!
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    You will get many more replies in Derby Talk, so I have asked a mod to move this thread there.

    Short answers to your questions are:




    NO - as leader you can opt them out, but as you saw, they can opt right back in. The only way to solve the matching issue is to kick out the players who won't Derby and won't opt out.
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    Don't be afraid to be brutal. They've been freeloading for a while. They've been told they need to pull their weight. You opted them out, they've opted themselves back in...if they don't do their tasks I'd KICK them out at the very last minute. Then they can't join another NH & collect their rewards.

    Definitely change it to invite only initially, then you can have a think about what you want to do. What are your NH's goals are re the Derby? What are your rules re the Derby & the NH in general.

    Also, it was really rude of the Leader to just make you the Leader. If you don't want to be the Leader then just reinstate him/her.

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    A tip -off

    I have been leader for a very long time . And Lyngby Farmers is a team off 22(now ) and have 89 Derby CUPs I have ONE simpel TIP-off :
    Put up some very easy rules !
    We have this rules : All players that is opt-in do ther 9 free tasks and the 10 for Diamonds if they can and it is needed lowest point on a task 307 ! OBS noone have to do be opt-in .
    If sameone miss a task or sametlng well that is ok but . IF A player DONT DO their tasks on deliberately : THEY are OUT off the Team ! this is
    Easy to understand easy to follow easy to maintain .
    So We dont get any rows and fights in the team .
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    I am getting really frustrated with this whole thing. 2 of the 4 I opted out re-opted in and two did absolutely nothing again for the second time and the third did a few tasks (1000 points roughly). I kicked the two who did nothing the second time. We finished 4th in pro league. Also, one of the members who had been doing well suddenly disappeared with no explanation. I opted him out and said I expected more from a high level co leader (don't know why previous leader made him co).

    This derby, we have 5 of 11 doing absolutely nothing again. One of the good 4 members had her husband join. He has done nothing. Members who had been opted out forever re-opted in and are also doing nothing. The one of the 4 who did soso last time is back to his old tricks again. FRUSTRATING!!!!

    I am beginning to feel like I am running a daycare and the only way I can make the kids behave is to throw them outside and lock the door behind them and never let them back in. Everybody wants to stay opted in and collect the derby rewards and then participate when or if they feel like it. We are in 4th yet again and it is looking doubtful we will get back into the top 3. I feel bad for the original leader and am pretty much still here bc of that. The only way to salvage this neighborhood is to basically kick everyone except for her/him and one other. Should I just say sorry and bow out or try to make this work. I am doing 8 300 pt tasks every derby and am sick and tired of being leached off of.

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    I am only a co-leader, but have a bit more authority then a typical co-leader. Because of time zone issues, I am the last on heading into a new Derby.

    We have simple rules. You new to neighborhood, not in Derby till you prove you will participate some in chat. If you are an established member who suddenly don't finish your tasks, you will not be in Derby till you explain what happened and if or if not will be an issue again.

    Before every Derby, I or our leader opt out any that need to be. Then I watch. If they opt themselves in, I simply opt them out again. If they still don't get message, I kick them before Derby starts.

    We had 3 new players who all sucked in first 2 Derbys. We were kind and patient, kept explaining what was expected. A few days into 3rd Derby, no improvement, we kicked on spot.

    Everyone else in neighborhood LOVES that we do this. There is just nothing more frustrating for a good Derby player than others not even trying.

    Stop being afraid of being a "bad guy". Kick any who have made clear they don't give a ****. You will end up doing far more damage not kicking then any you could do by taking care of neighborhood.

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