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    I forgot my will i know it again.

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    Welcome to the forum,

    As for your question...I'm confused. Can you elaborate on that?
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    Do you mean your Hay Day username or your forum username?

    For Hay Day, just tap the numbered blue XP star on the top of the screen. Your username is shown at the top of this menu.

    For the forums, go to your profile or look at one of your posts!
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    • If you've forgotten both your username & password, then start with retrieving your username.
    • Go to My Account > Click "Forgotten your username or password?" under the login button > Follow the prompts mykfcexperience.
    • You can also find your username or password details if you have My Optus app.
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    Is your farm tied to an email, facebook or google account? If so you could log in that way.
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