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    The One & ONLY Update Thread

    Alas... the time has come.

    Update Radar: Today

    Supercell statements:
    Hey Chief! We know you’re excited to hear more news about the upcoming update. We’re just as excited to share more with you but we’re not quite ready yet. One thing we can say is that this update will be different from any other update. It will be much bigger and we can’t wait to share it with you!

    We appreciate your patience so stay tuned! Clash On!
    Hey Chief! We know you’re super excited to hear news about the upcoming update and what’s in it – but for now, we are still fine-tuning and testing some features to make sure everything goes smoothly when we are prepared to go live!
    In the meantime, follow the Hog Rider & friends on their journey to this mysterious new place! Hang in there, and thank you for your patience!

    What we know aboat the update:

    • Not Town Hall 12
    • No level 13 walls.
    • It's unique from any update, and it's huge.
    • There will be no new hero levels in this update.
    • There will be a boat that needs repairing.
    • There will be an achievement called "Un-Build It".
    • The update is planned for May 2017.
    • Versus battles? - True
    • Balance changes.
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    New captains log is it real or fake? so it looks like it was real all along, check it out
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    Yeah it seems legit to me 2, found it online a long with update notes well share video so everyone can see it people are going mad for this update

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    at my home..
    seems legit .. but where did you find it?


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    Update time 😄
    Soon.... Maybe..
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    Ahoy Sailors,

    We'll continue the update voyage talk in this fresh and crisp new part of a thread. The old one is getting a bit long and thus difficult to load on some devices so we had to break it up.

    For some light reading material the first part can be found here:

    Keep your feet dry.

    oh and uh... first! Now we got that out of the way we hopefully can save 2 pages of this spam type.

    Thank you! ClashOfHolmes for an awesome sig!

    Just call me K, my name is too difficult to spell.
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    Its was leaked on coc french page sometime ago and then deleted...i watched it myself.
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    yeah thought it was real we must let fellow clashers know its there

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    This is the translation from LordVal's interview the day he got back from Helsinki. It got pulled from reddit, citing poor translation, but other translators have said there was nothing wrong with it.

    New game mode has already seen to be true.

    Update is not this week, but before the end of the month. They are sure of that. The date fixed and could change with apple/google approvals
    It's a Clash of Clan 2 - A complete and unexpected new game mode that won't affect actuals modes
    It's for everybody, no matter your TH lvl or if you are a farmer/rusher/war oriented
    New game mode doesn't give advantage for actual higher TH
    We better have full storage and probably builders availables
    They had some technical difficulties and bugs to fix
    Their will be "new troops, or kind of new troops"
    They filmed a trailer on that boat in Helsinki
    Can we be disapointed? : "Some could be, but that would be surprising"
    No ressources trade
    No have suggested something approching what the new game mode is
    Their is no "real change" to war matchmaking but they always change it at every updates
    No aquatic mode
    He cannot answer on the cloud time
    No change for clan "cap of members"
    Boat is available at TH4, will need to be built (cheap, and no upgrade time)
    Their is few things that were discussed in "features and updates" with no real answers that will be added
    No different lvl for the boat
    He cannot answer on night mode
    We should not speculate on "it's often on tuesday" or things like that
    The path on the north-west of the map won't be used
    It's even more a new game mode than what Clan War was
    All the leak are false, but few points on some of them was true (and they laughted at the fake leaks)
    Strange sentence (take with precaution): could have a new league or a new league system (don't know if it's about new game mode or actual mode)
    Tons of new things that could be cool for youtubers to stream and use in videos (new game mode)
    Will it always be troops vs bases: "I can't answers that" and a lot of laughts
    New time reductions for some things (that could mean new lvl of troops or buildings)
    Will it have similar things with CR or BB: "ahahah, you're annoying with your good questions"
    The time between each captain log's could be longer day after day
    Their is multiplayer in the new game mode (but can't say if it's total multiplayer or not)
    Youtubers could hidde some "things" in their videos. Better watch them (that could be clickbait too )
    New graphical interface (but that could be everything for something "new"
    No new hero lvl
    New musics (could be anything)

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    Oh this looks a lot fresher. Can get rid of all the ridiculous I think posts and only have confirmed info from here on.
    Thank you.
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