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    Cool Update for Hay Day Now Available (v.1.12.137) *FEEDBACK IN HERE*

    YEEEHAW!! A new update for Hay Day is now live, and this one is packed with goodies! This time you will get them tasty Lobsters, new production buildings, new products, and so much more!! Here's the full list of things we added and changed in the update:

    New features:

    • Lobsters are coming to Hay Day! Someone calm down Angus the fisherman, cause he can’t wait to catch some of these party-loving crustaceans.
    • Travel to your fishing area and repair two (2) new buildings: The Net Maker and the Lobster Pool.
    • Catch a lobster with your newly produced lobster trap and see it relaxing in the heated Lobster Pool.
    • Upgrade the Lobster Pool all the way to level 6 to create more space for lobsters in your pool. The more you upgrade the more crazy things you will see your lobsters do. Also your lobster pool will simply look fantastic and is a great addition to your fishing area!
    • Your lobsters will love your heated pool so much that they will always lose track of time. So help them out of their bloated shells and see them slide back into their habitat. Wonderful side effect: Delicious lobster meat!

    More awesome features:

    • Fishing Net: Next to the lobster trap, your new Net Maker building also produces fishing nets. Just drop one into the water, give it some time and comfortably collect your fish. Get lucky and you might catch several at once.
    • Speaking of luck, also check out the new Mystery Fishing Net: They cost diamonds to produce, but you never know what riches you might collect from the waters in return. Diamonds, vouchers, barn & silo upgrade materials, expansion items and so much more… it's all there waiting for you. Can you claim the legendary pearl of the sea decoration?
    • Soup Kitchen Building: Create tasty Lobster, Fish and Tomato soups with your new production building on your farm.
    • New product: Delicious Frutti di Mare pizza (Bakery)

    Player-requested additions:

    • Remove followers functionality: You asked for it, we heard you. Now you can remove followers from your friends list! Just tap and hold the individual icon and then click again when the delete command appears.
    • Newspaper improvements on the iPhone/iPod Touch: Added a lot more newspaper pages to find the good stuff.
    • Visiting a neighbors’ fishing area: You can now visit the fishing area of another farm by tapping their repaired fishing boat. Check your friends’ progress with their fish collection today!
    • Skip the waiting: Tapping the caught fish notification now dismisses it and lets you get back to fishing faster.
    • Faster roadside shop price increase: Selling your items at the max-price has never been easier.
    • Newspaper ads: We have reduced the cool down timer for placing free ads by half. Now sell, sell, sell!
    • Fixed roadside shop avatars: Player avatars & name are now visible if they have bought something
    • Added sound effect to the Supercell splash logo.
    • Fixed other player-reported issues.

    End of summer:

    • Reverted the summer clothing from the farm animals
    • Removed the exclusive summer decorations from the shop
    • Reverted the happy birthday loading screen back to normal

    One more thing: Hay Day is ready for iOS7!

    There! Get the update NOW:

    We would LOVE to hear your feedback, so I will leave the stage to you guys now..


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    I can't wait to play!! just waiting for maintenance to finish, sounds like there are some great new things!

    There are also a lot of things that have been asked for by players on the forum

    Thank you!!
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    I love lobsters!!!

    I would liked to see something similar of the fishing pool with the mine, maybe different areas to find goodies etc.

    Maybe in the next release.

    PS. after the update I get the message: Server not responding.
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    Here to show some gratitude. Thanks for the update. Been eagerly awaiting to dive into some new things. The concept art posted earlier is the net maker isn't it? Can't wait to see all this new stuff in action.

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    Super excited! Can't wait to the server maintenance is done so I can actually see it for myself and start playing.

    i hope I have enough coins saved up for the soup kitchen!
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    On behalf of the Hay Day Addicts, thank you for the wonderful game
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    Update looks awesome

    Can't wait to finish working and download. Luckily I have been saving up money and diamonds.
    Great job done hay day people.

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    The maintenance has finished yaaaay! Just bought all the new things can't wait for them to be done.

    This update is brilliant, well done guys!

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    really excited!!! now i got extra things to look forward to! I was dreading the grind between the cafe and candy maker. now with something in between and the lobster pool in 4 levels as well OH!!!

    btw, whoever has the net maker repaired please feedback about it. Would be keen to know how awesome it is before i plonk the gold that i have been saving for cafe into it. thanks!

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    Thank you supercell for making it possible to delete followers!!!!
    And the rest sounds nice too!!!

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