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    Mastermind's In-Game Builder Idea (with LOADS of pictures!)

    EDIT: 2 weeks after this thread was created, Village Mode was revealed to be added to the game! While I didn't create the idea and SC most likely had Village Edit Mode in the works for awhile, hopefully the enormous positive response of this thread helped inspire them. The ideas are very similar looking (same position of the button, attack style layout, and other features) but this thread offers a lot of differences and different features not included in the original Village Edit Mode that was just added to the game, such as Layouts, Sharing, Spawn/Radii Button, Category Organizing, 1 Click Positioning, and other ideas I suggested throughout this thread. The reason I bring that up is to show that this thread (although the main idea is now in the game) is still relevant while there are still some big suggestions not included in the game yet (the big one being Layouts). Thanks for the overwhelming response, I so appreciate you all! Thanks SC for listening to your players, it's what makes the company so great!

    Hey everyone! Welcome to this thread containing my ideas for an In-Game Base Builder in Clash of Clans. Like my other thread (about an updated Player Profile that you can find here:, I've included a bunch of pictures I put together in Photoshop in the hopes that it will visually demonstrate what I am thinking a potential builder could look like.

    First... THIS THREAD IS LOOONNNNGGGG! Sorry about the length, but I like to be thorough even to a fault/unnecessarily. Hope some of you appreciate that!

    Like my other thread, I realize this is more of an "Ideas & Suggestions" topic, so if it would be better in that section, please move this mods Hopefully the General crowd can see this too, as it is more populated in this forum.

    So why make this thread? This idea has been suggested before and it's in the sticky (albeit just 1 sentence), but I'm making this thread to show you exactly how I think it should be. I have wanted a Base Builder in the game, much like the one on, since I started playing back in December. Bases and base design are the core of the game, even though it is called Clash of Clans. Currently, the way to build a base is to move everything you have over to the side/edges of the base and then start moving things back in a new formation. The problem with this is that it is very time consuming and inefficient, which turns a lot of people off from creating new bases. Once you get into TH9 and TH10 bases, it becomes very hard to make a new base because of the sheer number of movable pieces there are and how little space you have to work with. An In-Game Base Builder would help immensely in this department.

    Another thing many Clashers have been asking for since the beginning is the ability to save a base design or 2, and be able to switch between them. This would be important for Farmers and Trophy Hunters, as they could easily cycle between 2 different bases tailored around whatever camp they currently are in (farming or trophy pushing).

    These 2 ideas are the capstones of my thread. Base Builder and Design Layouts.

    Current Base Redesign System
    Here is an example of what a TH8 base looks like while redesigning currently. Just imagine a TH10 with the same amount of space but 50 more walls and many more 3x3 items.

    This picture is without all of the traps and without MOST of the decorations that are available. Although it is possible to redesign a base currently, the suggestions I am offering will hopefully ease the process of base building and add some cool new features! If you like these ideas, please let me know! If not, please let me know as well! I welcome any criticism

    Let's get started, back with the original image:

    Entering the In-Game Builder

    As you can see on the right side of this image, a new button was added:

    Touching this button leads to a brand new page with 2 options:

    Base Builder Page

    Builder and Layouts. Even though this thread has a lot of new things added to the game, I'll try to keep it as simple and easy to understand as possible. On this page, you can either click Builder or Layouts. Builder will take you to the actual Base Builder where you can design a new base, and Layouts is where your previously made Base Designs are saved (and where you can switch from one base design to another in a matter of seconds). Extra points for what game the scrolls on the Layout button was taken from For now, let's focus on the Builder and select that option:

    The Base Builder

    This window/picture is the main focus of this thread. This is the In-Game Base Builder! When thinking of different ideas of how to make the Base Builder, I liked this idea best. The user interface and set-up looks a lot like an Attack screen, so the user would feel fairly comfortable with the familiarity of it's design. The other option I was thinking of going with was one like on, but instead of the completely top-down view, I decided to go with this one. As you can see, there are many new features and buttons that I will explain very clearly for you all. The base is completely open, allowing the user to have free reign of placing objects. This feature alone is the reason I want the idea (whether my version or another) in the game badly.

    Obstacles (trees, rocks, bushes) are not included in these pictures, but I think they should if an idea like this was ever implemented. I will talk more about obstacles later and how they would come into play when switching base layouts.

    Onto the explanations for the new features in this window:

    The User Interface

    This part of the new UI is the heart of the Base Builder. Like stated above, I've made it to look like an Attack you would make on any base. But instead of troops, base items are in their place. Everything in this window is pretty self explanatory: it includes the picture of the item and how many items there are. In this instance, there are five Level 10 Cannons you can place. As you may notice, there are 2 different Archer Towers. That simply means they are different levels (as shown in the picture).

    These buttons appear right over the Base Items window. It is a simple categorical system to more easily navigate the various base items. It is broken up the same was as the shop window, which includes Defense, Army, Walls, Decorations, Resources, and All. Below is a picture showing what each button corresponds with:

    I ended up deciding not to use the buttons with text, simply because it looked cleaner without it.

    These total bars were something I added late, but they play a big part of the base design. It needs to be a requirement that each base design use EVERY purchased item the user has BEFORE a base design can be saved as a layout. (EDIT: I added a segment later on about the ability to save a layout without using every item in order to work on it at a different time or update later, but not being able to USE the layout until every item is placed.) The reason behind this is to prevent people from laying down only 1 item and avoiding any negative trophies, or to prevent high trophy count people from using only 40% of their items (without a townhall) and getting a free shield with no trophy loss on every attack. I will show an example of what it will look like later (as far as not using every item), but as each item is placed, the meters go up. Walls count for both Walls and Total.

    At the top right we have 3 buttons (which I'll go into detail later):

    Green Check Box = Saves base design into layouts
    Red X Box = Exits the builder
    Orange Minus Box = Minimizes user interface and shows spawn points/defense radii (will show later)

    Using the Builder
    With the user interface now explained, let's see what it would look like to actually use the builder!

    As shown in this picture, we are currently on the ALL tab (as shown by the + icon being highlighted on the lower-right) and we've selected the Town Hall. Once clicked, the Town Hall pops up on the main screen. Several things happen when an item is clicked:

    The Town Hall button is highlighted, showing it is in use. The number went from a white x1 of quantity to a grayed out x0, meaning no more Town Halls are able to be placed. The background turned from a bright blue color to a dull magenta, signifying more visually that there are no other Town Halls to be placed. All this stuff is pretty explanatory, I'm just trying to be ultra clear.

    A small info screen appears when an item is selected, moveable, and in-use. It shows the name, level, and the asterisks also show level. I originally had quantity instead of Level 8 text, but decided to use level in both picture, text, and asterisks to make it clear. I think quantity would be sufficient as well.

    The Send Back Button. This button appears next to the info screen whenever an item is selected. With the item selected (as the Town Hall appears in the main picture above), click on this button to send the Town Hall (or any selected item) back to the inventory. If we did this with the Town Hall, the Town Hall would leave the building screen, be placed back into the inventory, and the Town Hall button would turn back to blue with a x1 quantity. This keeps the builder clean and free of space (which is the whole point of this builder!)

    This screenshot exemplifies what happens if you click off and set the Town Hall (or any item) in place. As shown in the 2 screenshots above, the Total Bar moves up 1. Again, every item needs to be set in place before a base can be saved. Also, the info screen, Send Back Button, and white highlight around the Town Hall Button disappear.

    Walls in the Builder

    Let's click on the WALLS button on the lower-right and start placing some walls!

    Using walls in the In-Game Builder employs a few different features than the other items. One obvious feature is its own meter at the top-left. Again, Walls count for both Walls AND Total meters.

    As we can see, I have 2 different levels of walls (7 and 8), but if I had more they would be placed here too.

    This ANCHOR Button appears next to the SEND BACK Button, and is only seen when a wall is selected and in-use. It is an on/off button and when on, the current wall becomes an anchor. You can then stretch out connecting walls by dragging in any direction!

    As seen in this screenshot, the ANCHOR Button is on (as shown by the crimson highlight around it) and the current wall flashes in a similar crimson glow. I just drag in any direction and connecting walls stretch out wherever I want! The reason behind this feature is that each item is currently placed one-at-a-time by clicking it's corresponding button at the bottom. Since walls would take awhile to set (in similar fashion to how it is currently), this option would definitely speed along the process and simply make things easier.

    Let's place some walls in our TH8 base. Warning: we are currently making the worst TH8 design in history haha

    With our walls in place, let's set up the rest of our base.

    Out of space, continued on to next post...
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    Continued from first post…

    Setting Up the Rest of the Base

    We click on the Defense Category Button and place a Cannon (which shows its radius). Again, I'll show how the Orange Minus Button at the top-right relates to this later.

    I had other photos showing each piece being placed, but let's speed up the process.

    Buttons at the Top-Right
    Finally, our base is done! I told you it would be the worst design in history Before we click the Green Checkmark Button at the top-right to save our base as a Layout, let's click the Orange Minus Button below it.

    Clicking this minimizes the UI and looks like this:

    This is another feature many players have been wanting for awhile: a way to see how well their base is covered (with the radii) and where enemy attackers can spawn on their base. Not only does the Orange Minus Button minimize the user interface, but adds this new feature as well.

    The Red X Button at the very top-right simply exits the Base Builder and gives a warning message that "Exiting the Base Builder will erase any current design" and ask if the user is sure he/she wants to quit.

    Saving Your Design
    Now let's go ahead and save our base design as a Layout!

    Click the Green Check Button at the top-right.

    Uh-Oh!!! Remember I said earlier that EVERY item needs to be placed BEFORE a base can be saved. This prevents a lot of potential problems with using less items. I must have forgotten, so this message appears if you try to save your base design without using every single piece (even decorations).

    EDIT! READ THIS! (Saving Unfinished Bases)
    A few people like Zombie, babble, etc. (on page 6) bring up a great point that bases should be able to be saved even if they are unfinished so that we can work on them at different times, update later on, and don't have to complete the whole thing in 1 turn. However, in order to USE a layout, the base must have every item placed. Thanks for the input guys!

    I'll fast forward the process and quickly create a base that uses EVERY item I have purchased.

    As you can see, this base looks MUCH better than the original one I tried to save (thank God that warning message popped up)! Every item is placed and all the icons at the bottom show x0 quantity and show magenta backgrounds, easily signifying there are no items to be placed.

    The meters at the top also tell us that every item we have purchased has been placed.

    With everything complete, we can now click the Green Check Button once again and actually save our base as a Layout!

    Click OKAY to save your design as a Layout.

    Although most of this thread has been about the Base Builder aspect, the Layout feature is easily as important in my eyes. Once the base design is complete, this is the screen you will be taken to.

    As we can see, we already have 2 previous base designs saved and 2 spaces empty. Right after clicking the Green Check Button to save our design, our only option is to save the design or exit out (at the top-right). If we choose to save our design in Layout 1 or Layout 2, an option will appear allowing us to either Overwrite the previous design or cancel.

    But let's choose the Empty area at the bottom-left.

    Once chosen, our new base design is saved as Layout 3!

    Congratulations! That is how a base is made and saved in the Mastermind Base Builder!

    Switching Between Base Designs
    So just to refresh your memory on how to switch between base designs after you save a design as a Layout, here is the process:




    Clicking a Layout will prompt you with a few choices:
    • Use This Layout
    • Rename Layout
    • Share Layout
    • Delete Layout

    Choosing the Use This Layout option will automatically switch your base to whatever design you select! (Assuming no obstacles are in the way, I'll talk about that in 2 paragraphs).

    EDIT: Also, an Edit Layout option should be included so that we have the ability to change a layout and don't have to remake a whole new layout for a minor tweak, as well as upgrading TH's and accounting for new items.

    EDIT: Mufasa wrote this on page 4, I liked his idea so I included it here as a possibility! "Maybe make the possible total saved layouts equal to how many builders you have? 1 builder hut = 1 saved layout+current layout. 2 builder huts=2 layouts+current layout..or something along those lines. This could help supercell make money from the people who are on the fence about buying more builders, and makes builders an even better investment for the hardcore players."

    Sharing Layouts
    The Share Layout option would work much like a Shared Replay and would appear in Clan Chat/Private Message, allowing others to use your base design as their own! I think there are definitely pros and cons to this option, the 1 con being preventing creativity from everyone, although most designs are copies of each other anyways and this option would save time. The pros would include promoting better community within clans, allowing more experienced clan members to literally share their base design knowledge with newer members, and many other good options. One of those options some clans could do is all use the same exact design for a trophy push or farm push, and have a base design act almost as another figurative Clan Emblem, distinguishing clan from clan. The whole Sharing Layouts feature is something I'm just throwing in and not necessary to include, although I think it would be fun!

    Obstacles and Issues (EDIT)
    Like mentioned towards the beginning of the first post, one potential issue would be obstacles, such as trees, rocks, bushes, etc. When trying to switch bases or use a base, if an obstacle would be interfering with a moveable base object, a message would come on screen telling the user that an obstacle was in the way and requiring those obstacle(s) to be cleared before the base could be put to use. When designing a base, there could potentially be an option to turn on current obstacles so that bases could be designed around them.

    Changing a Base While NOT in the Editor (EDIT)
    This is from D3r on page 19, thought it was a great point/suggestion!

    What would happen if you bought a new item or moved something around without going into the editor?

    I thought of a solution:
    When you make a change to the base, you switch off of the layout you were using and you're not using any saved layout. Maybe there could be an added button in the builder to import your current base for if you want to save changes you made to a layout. Then if you to to use a different layout, it would make you add the buildings you bought since the layout was saved before you could use it.

    From HamsterGubben on page 28
    Solution: A warning message will pop up when you try to use an old baselayout which sais "You will have to edit this base before you can use it as you have one or more buildings, not implented to this layout yet". So then you will be forced to edit and add new items before you can use the old layout or simply delete it and make a new on that save slot

    Forum Suggestions (EDIT)
    From D3r (page 19):
    An undo button on the editor.
    Copying or moving a layout to a different slot.
    Removing the all buildings button and just unselect a filter to remove it.
    A button for unplaced buildings.
    A button for info on the building. (Maybe. It might just be unnecessary clutter.)
    Setting trap locations for the layout and in the shop in front of the trap section in defenses, a button to reset traps.
    Taking off walls of the total buildings placed. I think it would be better that way.
    A checkmark in the layout section on the layout you're using.

    From Bobby (page 28):
    I think that there will be too many buttons, etc. Imagine tapping on a layout and getting a pop-up with 5 or 6 options (use, rename, edit / view, share, delete, copy / move, etc.). Isn't that too much of a mouthful, expecially for iPhone / iTouch users?

    My mini-idea:

    1. USE: just tap the layout. It will ask "Are you sure?" (Yes / No)
    2. Rename: tap the name (type text, press OK / cancel)
    3. Edit / view: Go to editor, tap a button that edits existing layout; OR edit button in layouts screen: tap it and tap layout
    4. Share: Either button in clan chat or layouts (and then select layout, with custom message like requests / replays)
    5. Delete: Trash can (probably red) icon
    6. Copy / move: Just tap, hold, and drag; continuously hold for 5 secs and a pop-up appears, staing "Which slot do you want this layout to be copied to?"

    Another suggestion: Change orange "minus" button into a "eye" button (makes more sense; eye = see = observation mode).

    From Spiky (page 47):
    I do have one suggestion, not sure if its really worth putting in, but some sort of way to "Select All", I cannot tell you how many time I have designed my base and its just off to the one side by like 2 tiles and its not worth the effort redesigning to move the whole base 2 tiles over, but something like that may be possible in the base builder. Especially all those people like me that like having square, neat, and in its place!!

    Thanks so much for reading this LONG thread! If you've made it this far, I really appreciate the time you've devoted to reading this, just like I hope you appreciate the time I spent creating this thread and these pictures. It took a few days to make this, so even if you don't agree with my points or don't like the ideas in this thread, I hope you write your criticisms in a mature fashion (I can take it and welcome it). And if you like what's in this thread, please comment as well! That would be more than enough thanks for me

    Again, I realize this post may be moved and I'm OK with that, so please no "Wrong Sub-Forum Noob", I know. Hopefully people in General can see this as well (just as my other thread was left in General for a few days-week).

    Thanks for reading and happy clashing everyone!

    Check out my other post from last week about a new updated Player Profile and what I think it should look like (a thread similar to this with pictures).

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    Yes, yes, and yes! Hire this guy, make him work his magic and give him a bonus!

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    I would be very pleased to see this! 😁

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    I support 100%. It is such a hassle to change your base.

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    Excellent effort on something that would be a great addition to the game.
    Mastermind is an apt name for you sir!
    It is now my duty to completely drain you.

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    This is a superb idea something I would definitely support 100%.

    I'm surprised why SuperCell hasn't hired you yet.

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    I'm overwhelmed, you may as well have designed the update for supercell with all those specifics, only possible issue I could point out is what would happen with the obstacles (trees, bushes, etc) when you go on base build mode, or if theres one in the way when trying to load a previous design. Anyways, good job and keep up the creativity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by josue452 View Post
    I'm overwhelmed, you may as well have designed the update for supercell with all those specifics, only possible issue I could point out is what would happen with the obstacles (trees, bushes, etc) when you go on base build mode, or if theres one in the way when trying to load a previous design. Anyways, good job and keep up the creativity.
    Thanks josue and everyone I totally forgot to include the part about obstacles, I'll make sure to edit that in. Mentioned that I'd talk about it later but never did haha. Appreciate the kind words!

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    Love it. Great skills and well thought out.

    Should be added in one of the next few updates.

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