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    Quote Originally Posted by SMAEL View Post
    Do you think he meant to break them ? I doubt it, but same thing happened with me, like - I didnt have the knowledge (yeah, I am not ENG native), made a mistake

    But this happens to everyone, that they make mistakes.
    Unless you know what got him banned, and that's not up for discussion on this forum, then I suggest you tone it down slightly and stop disrespecting the mods' decisions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlindHaze View Post
    Unless you know what got him banned, and that's not up for discussion on this forum, then I suggest you tone it down slightly and stop disrespecting the mods' decisions.
    I am not and I wasnt disrespecting their decisions. I said that the most probable reason what got him banned is HIS mistake, so please stop saying stuff out of context.

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    I have been warned in the past for being edgier than neccesary. In those cases I went back and reread my post and decided that yeah I really could have expressed the same point differently. To put it bluntly I was needlessly a jerk about it. Based on that I have made efforts to sweeten it up and have gotten better and being supportive rather than destructive. And that there I think is the point, is the person being supportive or destructive. There is a difference between disagreeing and being downright mean. I cant say I get that right always but I have certainly gotten better at it and thats why I am hanging on just warnings and not a ban.

    If they warn you about something its ok to disagree, you can even tell them you do and why, and sometimes they will even reconsider. They do listen. But if in the end they are sticking to their point its on you to heed it. If you want to just ignore them you will eventually get worse. If you arent actually breaking forum rules it might take longer, but it will come.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SMAEL View Post
    Now this is just ridiculous ...

    From my point of view, you have no chance to stay on forums, because you will do a mistake or two or five during years, and each is 'rewarded' with infractions, so ...
    lol. There are plenty of members who would contradict this. I'm one of them. Have you ever stopped to consider that it's your own stubborn refusal to follow forum rules that gets you in hot water? How many times have you been spoken to about meddling into moderator affairs and yet here you are yet again discussing moderator affairs, discussing infractions and discussing another member's status? Someone who is trying to avoid infractions should stay away from the very same subjects that keep getting them into trouble. Someone who stubbornly refuses to change their posting behavior and thinks they can get as close to an infraction as possible time and time again is someone who ends up banned. I'd hope the message would get through to you, but I know it won't, so I'm going to just close this thread to save you from yourself. When your final infraction does come, it won't be because of the quantity of your posts. It'll be because you have no filter and you don't stop to consider what you're writing before you hit Post. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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