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Why do people care so much about the existence of bot farms? Clearly Supercell isn't too worried or they would stop them. And stop the other blatant cheating that exists. Supercell is a multibillion dollar company. If they wanted to prevent the cheating and the existence of these bot farms they could and would.

For weeks now there's been a link to bots on a often visited page easily found from the Wikia on Hay Day. You can't tell me that Supercell (a) hasn't seen the link (b) doesn't know how to stop them..

Boat leaderboard players aside, who I'm sure generate a little revenue for supercell, the PRIMARY source of their millions is still the everyday players who play their farms fair and square, struggle with barn space, give their hoodies their last bread, and occasionally take the $4.99 offer to get diamonds....all those purchases add up and they are still the bread and butter, pun intended, of hay day.

These players with 50 devices, 5-10 farms, Facebook sales, etc. are creepy and annoying. The bots are creepy and annoying. The newspaper is our way of trading globally with thousands of players around the world. The bots wreck that, and make play harder for those who play fair.

just my opinion.