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Thread: best war CC troops TH12

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    best war CC troops TH12

    What are the best war CC's, are ice golems still good since the latest update?

    what is currently the best right now?

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    There is no such thing as "best" troops for war ccs.
    Everyone does things differently, thus everyone has a different idea as to what the "best" is.
    There are, however, some questions you can ask yourself: What type of attack will my base most likely attract?
    Depending on the answer, the next question to ask is: Which troops would cause the most distraction to an attacker? Distraction can be anything from mis-timing spells, mis-timing troop drops, eating time off the attack, etc.
    Having loons in your cc when an attacker uses all air is pretty useless; but having witches in the cc when an attacksr uses all air will cause a distraction as the air units will endlessly kill the skeletons until the witches die.
    My personal philosophy is to have troops that can target both air & ground units.

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    Joe has posted a great reply, and I would agree with him.

    "What type of attack will my base most likely attract?" is an excellent starting point, although it may be more relevant to some players, than others.

    As an example, my max TH11 base sits at the top of our roster below our multiple TH12s. To this end, it will face dips mostly, and usually those dips are level 3 Eddies.
    Knowing this, I usually use 2 Witches, 3 Minions and 5 Archers. My base defends dips more often than it is 3 starred.
    (# Please note, these are random wars, and I'm not being attacked by Elite Champs War League attackers!!)

    Watching some 'high level' TH12 wars recently, I've seen a lot of Lava Hounds being used once again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skrags View Post
    Watching some 'high level' TH12 wars recently, I've seen a lot of Lava Hounds being used once again!
    Yup definately a lot of lava hound baby dragon cc's appearing again now, they are very effective as well if your not ready for them

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    Hand is the easiest answer now that Ice Golems are close to useless.
    Lots of Archers can really screw up an attack as well.

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