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Thread: New Record for "most users online at one time"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anarchos View Post
    If they dropped a maint break, and instead of the normal message to check back in 30 minutes, they had a link to a yt livestream announcing the update they would get 10s of millions of views.
    That was kinda my thought as well, just dont really know how many users try to logon during the break. But once they announced there would likely be no sneak peaks, thats where my head went.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iamdagr8est View Post
    Supercell on a whim should release the update drop date 24hrs early so everyone on the forums can go absolutely ballistic and break the record of most active users ever on the forums. The record to beat is held by the December 2015 update and with all the hype this update is getting should be easy enough to break.

    So have at it supercell
    But how would you know its early? Whether they drop it next Tues or next Mon, we don't know what they scheduled drop date is so it wouldn't be any different concerning the forums.

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    yeah imagine them dropping another maintenance break but this time for 1 hour and when everyone gets more and more hyped when they get online they see a new loading screen and are even more hyped but then everyone realises it only was the loading screen which got updated ♥♥♥♥

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    They all said 'Adapt or Quit' so maybe that doesn't count....

    Would be very interested if there are any stats on how represetitive activity in the forums relates to actual game activity.
    Any stats on that somewhere?
    Must be????

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    Yes we want to meet together again......plz sc do that

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    It would be sliding with replies and posts💯

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