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Thread: I rushed my base now what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wallison1 View Post
    Start Again
    Actually, this is not a bad idea. I have done it. After your higher TH experience, you'll find it is very easy at lower TH because you have experience about basic principles of this game. Giving you second chance to do it 'properly'.

    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleDeathStar View Post
    Just keep rushing until you are max th11 good luck!
    Yes, you can make it to 11 only with Barching! After 'studying' the lady(?) from the famous engineering clan's base, I realize the potential of Barching. It's amazing that I've been playing this game for 1,5 years but still consider myself a noob because I never do Barching before until I saw Benji's video three weeks ago. This game is amazingly hard to master. No doubt about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spac16 View Post
    I rushed my base now looking for help and suggestions.
    Nothing but you became a rusher now ppl will call you rusher in global

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    Well, I guess you catch up... What were you expecting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevejnr View Post
    Small piece of advice since you are fairly new to the forums...
    I've noticed a few of your posts are less than useful and some could be construed as a bit rude, try not to be impolite it will lead to people getting angry and reporting your posts, this sort of thing could shorten your stay with the forum.
    Im not new here at all, I've been here before just on a different name. I don't give 2 monkeys if I get banned, report away.

    Life goes on. Idiot.

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    Watch all 28 of the fix that rush series from klaus gaming and you'll be well in about a year or 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfChaos View Post
    Seems like the OP doesn't much care for any advice; 1 post/ thread with no details and no follow up in nearly a day.

    Seems an exercise in futility ATM.
    Still applies.

    Doesn't look op has even logged on.

    Every resoonse, yes I get the irony, keeps moving this to the top, instead of letting it waste away like it should.

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    I'm an expert in this field.

    Send me a direct message with the details and I'll help you formulate the best plan of action.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windwind View Post
    Now it's time to quit coc cause this game is dying
    The game is not dying, it's just going to go through a stage that will make the game more fun.

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    Now that you are rushed.....welcome to my world

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    Easy, Barch all the time.

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