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Thread: TH11 engineered account max air troops

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    Forum Superstar twinblade123's Avatar
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    May 2013
    Project Meteor

    263 - 98

    (Currently on 10 win streak)

    War Oriented Clan

    Must be able to coordinate with team members.

    PS: We expect 3's on equal bases to your own level. We're ranked 579 of all time in the United States for clan best win streak of 28. (This can be viewed on clashofstats) This is a great place to learn and grow as a player. Come join us and our ultra competitive environment

    Mention you're from forums in your request

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    Fort St John, BC
    Go to this thread to see our requirements:

    Come check us out. Friendly, no pressure, helpful. Passcode: "I'm here to win"

    Adult level 11 Clan with 416+ war wins. Ranked 442 out of 3.1 million clans--Most War Wins as per Clash Of Stats site.

    We use the Slack app to communicate during war.

    Tag #20VG00VY
    Name: Times Up!

    Thank you,

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    Check out my clan. 2017 war record is 39-2-2. 30vs30 or 40vs40 wars and all accounts are active in war. You'll never have to clean, and will always be able to attack your equal or higher. Typically the #1 we get matched with is max or near max TH10 or newer TH11 with EA. Our top accounts are expert attackers which is rare in engineered clans, thus we pretty much always win. My profile will lead you to my clan recruiting post and info

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    All the copied answers oh well

    Recently started up a new war clan called BLU3. Level 3 and the war log is 10-0-0. We all have personal lives and are chilled but do take wars seriously.
    Clan tag is #JJ00Y8J9, if interested feel free to send an invite saying you're from the forums!

    Stay clashing, bjenn11.

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    Dec 2016
    My Clan

    Rebuilding a L5 war clan. Interested in joining hands with us? Then join us at We-Kings.

    Our log (check the last comment to know updated log)

    Hope to see you soon.

    We-Kings (Clan)

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    I love he is like please don't copy and paste 100 lines, yet you all do.

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    Right here!
    Hi there,

    We are currently looking for new members! We offer a friendly, mature, active and competitive environment with focus on war.

    If you meet theses expectations, you are more than welcome to apply here!

    -Socially acceptable behavior (18+)
    -Familiar with 3 star strategies, and willing to learn!
    -Clashtrack account
    -Discord account (for communication)
    -100% Fairplay

    Kinnick Society (#UVRY9PV) - Competitive war clan (CWLL - MLCW Participants) Minimum requirements: Only takes Members from family clans

    RSN (#PCUR9P9Y)- Highly active casual war clan (Themed Wars & Specialized training)

    Minimum requirements: TH9 20/20 Heroes

    Rabid Unicorns (#JC0L922Y) - Casual entry clan
    Minimum requirements: Th8+

    Old Swede

    Proud member of Rabid Unicorns
    "Ever looked a unicorn in the eyes? Now add a foaming mouth. Sweet dreams, cupcake!"

    Wanna join? Apply here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMazza View Post
    I love he is like please don't copy and paste 100 lines, yet you all do.
    And it seems the crunkjuice guy has a program to autopost his spam as he's the very first reply in every thread I've read. :rolleyes

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    Calgary Alberta, Canada

    Hey frenchie... Join us for good times!

    North American Level 10 adult & english clan! Recruting some more wicked clan members to join in the fun and rip it up in back to back to back wars. .5 members always welcome. (Low war weight)
    Come join the HoneyBadgers!! #8R8PGU22.we are a lvl10, ENGLISH ONLY bad Mofugger clan. We dont need help. We are not a dead clan, we just want more chill & entertaining members to be active in chat and contribute to a strong group of ADULTS who love this game. If you are tired of babysitting other peoples whine little brats in your previous clans than join here. There are no children here but, filthy minded conversations are welcome and encouraged. Cursing should be part of your vernacular and for your sake you shouldn't be easily offended, But keep in mind we all respect one another. We war almost non stop and win around 90% of our wars. Just like any other successful clan you MUST use both war attacks. We do not ♥♥♥♥ on our members for a poor attack because it happens to the best of us from time to time. If you are 20 & full of drama keep walkin, we dont want your ♥♥♥♥ here.
    If you are worried you can't run with the big dogs you don't have to stay on the porch, we have a feeder clan that will whip you into shape and get you ready for war. Same rules apply over in Coc-a-roaches (our feeder clan)we all jump back and forth between clans to help out for war donations and advise aswell as extra numbers for war.

    What we are looking for... Mature, active, entertaining, english speaking adults that have lives and yet always make room for clash. We are all approximately 20-60yrs old adults with lives/children/ jobs. So we get it. Currently recruting th5-11 members. We will help the new lower level members, but the th10/11 need to come to the table with a strong ability to carry their own weight in wars. We will always do our best and we hope you will do the same. Feel free to opt in and out of wars as needed for upgrades and life stuff. We are a clan first mentality, we all work together for the strength and success of the HoneyBadgers!!
    If you wanna join please post your age and say ya saw the post on forum..lookin forward to killin it with ya soon!

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    Lake Wobegon, where everyone wins and noone loses 😜

    IGN : iftheskyisblue
    CoC : EU (level 15) | TH12
    BB : EU X | level 65 max

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