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Thread: How many stars to get you satisfied?

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    How many stars to get you satisfied?

    So, I was just wondering how many stars you need in normal MM and War to be satisfied with the outcome?

    I'm a th11 and in current meta everything less than a 3 star in normal MM is unsatisfactory. I'm using laloon in t3.

    In war everything below 2 stars is a no go. 2 stars is only meh. So, if I don't get a 3 star (which is almost never at th11) I'm a sad panda.

    EDIT: Because I need 3 stars in normal MM is because I farm with loons and more often than not I need the 3 to get all the loot. If I get the loot and 70%+ in happy, but it is unlikely to get all the loot unless I 3.

    Edit #2: If I don't get 3 stars vs if I do get 3 stars

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    If I'm farming I care mostly for the loot and if I can get 1 or 2 stars...but if I get 3 I won't mind lol
    For war I can't say much... haven't started war for a few months so I guess 4-5 stars would be good right now. Although I'll set my expectations higher to 5-6 stars every war in time to come
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    2 star on MM is fine, and on war 2 star with higher percentage or 3 star makes me really happy
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    For normal MM i don't care about stars, just about the loot. I'd gladly take a +500k loot with 0 stars.
    For war anything less than a 3 star is a personal failure. But then again i'm a TH9 so that would be expected from me.

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    As a th10 and th9, 3 stars or nothing in war.

    Couldn't care less about multiplayer unless I want the loot/star bonus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAppel View Post
    How many stars to get you satisfied?
    3 stars. Otherwise i think that attack is failed. TH11.

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    Depends on the objective of the attack.

    In MM I'm happy as long as I get bonus, and preferably above 70% in total destruction.
    3-stars is out of the question most of the time since more than 9 times of 10 I hit max TH11s (as a 10).

    In war my obective can be 3-star on a 9, 9,5 or 10, and anything but a 3-star would then be a fail.
    But my objective can also be to get an as high as possible % 2-star on a TH11, and then I'm happy with 2.
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    MM: all the loot or 100% to be satisfied. Against max base, 70% is almost satisfying with 90% of the loot taken.

    War: 5 stars maybe against TH11 and TH10. But the war win definitely add in some satisfaction.

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    MM - also laloon in T3, without king and queen - happy with 1* And 70%

    War - on 11s I want 2s, on 10s I get angry if I don't 3
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    War.......i would definitely like to 3 star but a 2 with high % is acceptable (90-95, nt 99 lol)...
    Farming.....all i care bout is the loot!

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