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Thread: What's the use or purpose of adding friends in COC?

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    What's the use or purpose of adding friends in COC?

    Did Supercell ever explain why they added this feature?

    Like for example, "We've also added the option to add friends in the social tab. Now players can keep tabs with where there friends are when they are in different clans. You can also visit their village to see how they are progressing. You can even add and gain new friends with this option."

    The only problem i see here is if they are in different clans and both are closed. So there's no real way of communicating. Let's say one of them wants to join the other. Or one of them wants to invite the other one to their clan unless the other guy leaves the clan he/she is currently in.

    Does Supercell have some intention to improve or expand this "friend" feature they added to the game in the future?

    Do you guys think this is a useful addition to the game? Or do you guys think it is a useless feature? Or is it annoying to some? Is it fine just the way it is? Or do some feel it needs some improvement?
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    To be honest, currently it is relatively useless. I'm going to go out on a limb and say hopefully one day we will get features such as Direct/Private Messaging. Although know these are educated guesses and I really have no idea what SC intends to do with this feature.

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    I hope they will do that but people have a small problem if they actually let you communicate with your friends. I have a lot of friends who are not my friends. I will have to unfriend all of them with a few exceptions if you can really communicate in the game with your friends.

    I think even people like Powerbang invited people to make friends. Try to imagine if all these people can actually send messages to Powerbang. He will get nuts.

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    I was going to ask this exact question, so will drag this thread back up instead.

    Near as I can tell, in-game friends are good for:
    1) if you want to know if somebody's online ("oh good andrewcat is here donations will get filled quickly"), and
    2) if you like playing with somebody and want to keep track of what clan they might wander off to.

    Am I missing something? Most importantly, is there any reason *not* to accept friend requests from people I don't particularly know? (At least one person seems to have blown in to the clan I'm in, sent a bunch of friend requests, and then left again, which just seems weird.)

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    That about covers it.

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    we are a family of clans, i "know" a 100 or more players, and the friends list covers my personal legends league ranking. of ppl in my own clan and ppl in a family clan...

    also, i am watching ppl from other clans attacking - if i catch them live per chance.

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    As a Leader of a clan, I friend request all mates and new mates that just joined in case a disgruntled Co-Leader goes Rogue/Postal and kicks every elder and member. If this happens then I can invite them all back. It's basically clan insurance for free...not like Geico. lol

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    You can invite your friends even if they're in a clan.
    They closed global to stop toxicity, abuse and protecting minors , so it's fair to say we won't be getting any private message feature.

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