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    Complete Guide On Account Security

    Hi Everyone.

    In this post I will try to Explain how you can keep your account and game progress safe and if you face any issue, how you should solve it.

    I am Strongly recommending forumers to read all parts in order to understand all topics to avoid any mistake in the future and if someone need help, forumers will be able to help them.

    This is an In-Depth guide on account security trying to cover different aspects and issues/solutions. If you want to read the full post or the full post is a little confusing and you just want to be safe, in short I have to say:

    • Don't share your account information (username, password, date of creating the game, purchase history, etc.) with anyone
    • use 2-step verification on your Google Account/Apple ID
    • Connect your game to Google Account/Apple ID. Facebook will not save you.

    But I still recommending you to read the full post to have a better understanding about the topic.

    Click on the topic you want to see its full post

    Safeguarding, Linking, Recovering (Lost/Hacked) Accounts and Safety Tips

    Having (And Creating) Multiple Accounts on a single Device / Playing the game on Emulators


    special thanks to Saleh47 , AxionXD and Shivampaw
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