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Thread: Feature Request : Construction/Research Queue for Builders & Labs

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    Lightbulb Feature Request : Construction/Research Queue for Builders & Labs

    We all play COC everyday but sometimes other daily works makes us busy, hence at that time if any builder got free then we are unable to set builder on construction on next building.
    If there is a queue feature for builder which set next building to upgrade it then it will help most of the players alot.

    Queue Feature Requirements:
    >Resources will be pre-charged for any queue.
    >Resource set on queue are raidable by other players.
    >If there is lack of resources after any raid then queue will be cancelled on only that building which suffer from resource lacking.
    >There should be no more than two queues.

    Thank You

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    Queueing upgrades is ruled out, please check stickies before posting, thanks

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    There are plenty of idle games out there that don't require your attention. This is not one of them. It is not a game designed to play itself, so I wouldn't count on this ever being added

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