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    New Time-limited Special Spring Diamond Packages

    Time-limited Special Spring Diamond Packages are now available in the shop!! Don't miss the opportunity to get diamonds + a really cool deco!

    * Pencil Fence (5) + 130 diamonds
    * Poinciana Tree + 275 diamonds
    * Gorilla Statue + 1500 diamonds

    Hay-ppy Spring!


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    South Africa
    Dear Hay day team .

    Please can you guys consider something ?
    many of the hay day players would like a month head calendar that we can maybe down load if possible.
    1) the months event calendar then we don't need to get it illegally
    2) when you have packages like you do now currently with extra decor ,let the players know in advance so they can have money ready
    on there phones or tablets , not everybody works with credit cards ��.
    Some of us load money on with i tunes.
    3) if you let people know in advance I'm sure you will get more response and with events if it's a fishing �� event
    players can prepare .

    Just a a few days ago I asked about whether there will be a diamond �� package like this, and I was told they don't know .
    Now after buying the diamonds �� to hire lazy Tom and the two farm people , now you got the special and I got 0 money to buy this special I did ask about .
    I am so upset �� about this. First time ever I can't buy the special , my heart ����is shattered.

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    I love the gorilla deco.
    Level 100! 6/28/16 won the pearl 12/31/14 won the windmill 2/3/15
    Thank you to TerMinus Prime for my cool banner

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    How to play the game?
    Is it online game or I should download it?
    I heard from my friends about the game and would love to try it as well.
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