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Thread: Accessing clan details

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    Accessing clan details

    Even though some clans do not share their war log publicly, lots of them still would like to use external apps which leverage war log data. Given their war log is private, they're unable to use some of the features unless they set their war log to be public.

    Is it possible that clan leaders can generate a token with specific permissions which developers could use when accessing clan details via API to access protected resources, such as war logs?

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    I think this has been requested in the past, but man, would I ever love something like this. So many clans would benefit from this type of feature.

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    I think this is not high on the list of things to implement at SC... But could be nice...
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    Thumbs up on this one. Could enter a API field that has to contain the API code that can access this info even if the war log is private.

    My clan made the decision to open the war log as we find the info more important.
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    The creation of a war token would be ideal. Accessible in clan war details menu (elder+ only maybe) both sides can get their infos.

    Another idea would be to prevent the spying/make it useless. Then most clans would have the log opened up
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    Great idea for sure. Same topic is opened already
    Check this thread:

    Thanks for ClashOfHolmes for his great work!

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