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Thread: Looking for an active war clan for my 4 accounts

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    Feb 2016
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    Looking for an active war clan for my 4 accounts

    Hi. I have 4 accounts that currently need a home. My last clan died out and I have been just sitting there donating to myself. Kinda boring! LOL!
    I am an above average attacker and understand the game. I am active and loyal to the right clan. 3 th9s and a th8.
    They are...Unknown #QP8CYL88.
    Bourbon&Cigars #89LCYQPPV
    The Resistance #2LLJ8U8UL
    Slayer #2CYUUUCYP

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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    You can join my clan

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    You can join my clan.
    My tag is #989G8GVVP
    Go to my profile and join my clan my name is Bidyut.

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    Aug 2015
    Lvl 8 war clan
    The Mcdoubles

    The McDoubles
    Level 7 War Clan
    Instagram (Work in Progress): the_mcdoubles

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    Hey do u have kik where we can talk further, I may have an appealing offer?

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    Sent you a PM

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    I sent you a friend request on coc as: Mini Prodigy, stop by and we can talk.

    Or Msg me on kik: TheBoyProd

    I may have an interesting offer for you

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    write warfreak in ur request.

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    I just left my own clan of two years. Also have four accounts and am trying Game Masters. It's a really great clan so far. My only issue is that I'm a max TH11 so I sit #1 in war by far. If you're TH10 or lower in your accounts, I would recommend you try it out.

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    Last to Resorts Lvl 12 War Clan (#8J20LRJQ)

    Hey, nice profiles btw, looks like you will fit right in with us. Check us out at

    Last to Resorts Lvl 12 Serious War Clan. We are a fun, laid back and a war oriented clan. We push the button as soon as one ends so yeah, we do war Back to Back.
    War record:361-67-7
    Love helping each other by having frequent discussions about base building, planning a war attack or reviewing one. Currently following .5 strategy cuz we think it is the better way to move on.
    An International Clan with members from all over the world you can call Home.
    Opt out while hero upgrades cuz both heroes are a must to be in a war. A really strong core of 3 star specialists helping each other and new members to grow as strong as possible.
    Also, some of our core members are in our sister clan: Last Resort trying to revive it.

    So if you find us good enough or wanna visit us, you are welcome.
    If you decide to give it a go, Mention this post in your request.
    P.S. I already sent you an invite on Unknown

    Cheers to Victory!

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