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Thread: [Recruiting] Max Your Account With Us! - Raw Toast #2LGULVOU

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    [Recruiting] Max Your Account With Us! - Raw Toast #2LGULVOU

    Requirements: New members must have [3000] trophies to join the main clan Raw Toast #2LGULVOU.
    Join our feeder clan MacBlane #20GV2PY if you have a minimum of [1200] trophies.

    Goal: So obviously this won't happen over night; it takes time to max your account. I personally want to max my account and do it without paying money. I made this clan with a strategy to provide that medium for everyone who joins. I was tired of clans that would hold members that were not helping achieve this. Also, for what it's worth we have a discord server set up for members; ask for details after joining if you want to utilize this feature. Both clans share a discord server to bridge communication between the clans.

    How: The best way to max your account is to:

    • Get tier 10 clan chest every week
    • Donate to each other
    • Always have a chest unlocking
    • Be as high on the ladder as possible.
    • Host tournaments

    I will remove inactive members that are not helping you max your account.

    Elder-ship: will be awarded to those that have solid donation counts, contribute to clan chests, and are seen in chat every once in a while. Tasteful / funny replays posted occasionally (try not to spam). They should also understand the vision of the clan and accept members as applicable. Our system is one where a current elder or higher notices you and nominates you for elder. You must then receive 2 votes from other elders or higher that agree you should be promoted.

    Update: We easily get 10/10 clan chest in about half the time so I'm not really focusing on recruiting members for clan chest. We need higher trophy members so we can get more donations/week so I've increased the cup minimum. If you want a really solid clan; consider joining us!
    Let me know if you have questions, no need to PM me if you want in, just request in the game at #2LGULVOU. Let us know you saw the Supercell posting.

    Thanks for reading!
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