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    Hidden Eggs Contest - WINNERS! (Updated)

    Finally done! So sorry for the delay! I have gone over these and over them and I have your winners. (Hope my brain wasn't too mushy and there are no mistakes...but I am only dragon so please forgive me if there are any. They will be corrected)

    Like I said one found all 60 eggs. Some of you on the t-shirt list DID find the golden eggs too. But there had already been 5 winners so those didn't count as a win for you in that category.

    I want to say that your answers were so enjoyable to go through. I giggled all along the way at some of your descriptions of places where the eggs were and comments to go along with them. I loved how people who didn't play a certain game described the characters and stuff they saw in that game. Was just so much fun for me!

    I also would like to say that many of you added that your English is not that good and you hope you can be understood. I want you all to know that there isn't one of you that I couldn't understand and I think it's incredible of you to make the effort just to be a part of our community. Thank you!

    And now for your winners:

    Regular egg winners:
    (t-shirt and stickers)

    Meruem1 - 58 eggs found
    Bodik001 - 57 eggs found
    KoKoLady - 57 eggs found
    L8Panther - 57 eggs found
    Liwa - 57 eggs found
    WillisZ - 57 eggs found
    whatajoke - 57 eggs found
    Royt - 57 eggs found
    On3French3dFry - 57 eggs found
    mmmaka3m - 56 eggs found

    (There were a lot more people who found 56 eggs, but mmmaka3m was the first)

    Golden egg winners:
    (2000 gems in the game of your choice) (300 diamonds for Hay Day)


    (Seanster999 will receive prize because I messed up)

    Fantastic job you guys!
    I need the people that won the t-shirts and stickers to PRIVATE MESSAGE me with their name, shipping addresses and size for the shirt. (Remember the shirts run small, so order at least one size bigger)

    I need the people who won gems to PRIVATE MESSAGE me with your in game info. Game of choice, in game name and player tag or ID#.

    One last apology for taking so long with the results. I have really enjoyed this contest and want to repeat it again in the future. Maybe not even having to be Easter related. I have learned a lot with this one amd I think the next time it will go a bit more smoothly. I am working on new contests that will include all games together again. I really enjoy so many different group interacting like this. So keep your eyes open. The next one won't be too far away.

    Thank you one last time to my amazing artist Evertonjeff! And another huge thank you to you, the Supercell Forum community for getting involved and making this fun!

    See you soon!
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