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    Awsome will follow it everyday !

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    And know we can talk about the ship update

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    Hello ^_^ ! First time I get first on one of these :3
    hoping to see what this big update will bring. Been farming and saving gems like it's the end of days here.

    Noooooo, forum bug put sutibu above me hahahaha :/
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    The Hype Train Boat is boarding!
    All aboard the Hype Train Boat!!
    "Free" tickets!!!
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    Maybe there will be something about the wizards from Ivory tower (it is mentioned near the start of the game in the tutorial, but never again). That would certainly be very unique. If there is a ship in the update, perhaps it would bring us there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LachNessMeownster View Post
    Alas... the time has come.

    Update status: Still in the works.

    What we know aboat the update:
    • Not Town Hall 12.
    • No level 13 walls.
    • Its unique from any update, and it's huge.
    First the update was suppose to be massive, now its only huge? I declare shenanigans on this whole thing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LachNessMeownster View Post
    What we know aboat the update:
    Please, please, please no boat. That would be so great. The ultimate troll.

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    Get on the hype train chooooo!!

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    finally we can get rid of all the update threads
    Do you want to three star max th12ís?

    Stop by: Project Meteor #22RJQ9CR

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    2 vs. 2 only works in cr because both attacker and defender are online at the same time. Matching 4 players is not that difficult. In coc getting 2 players attacking at the same time would be a pain.

    What would work is 2 players attacking a base after each other like in boom beach, but I doubt that this is the "massive ferrari better than clan wars update". Not saying the operations in boom beach would not be nice to have in coc, but I highly doubt they would make that.

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