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    Cool When should I Upgrade to TH 8

    I'm a town hall 7 and working maxing my air defenses and have lvl 2 BK and unlocked all of the troops for TH 7. When should I upgrade my TH to lvl 8?

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    When you feel like it? No one here can tell you how YOU should play your game.

    Do you like to max out? Then max out.

    Do you like to rush? Then rush.

    Seems pretty simple. However, if your lab is idle I would update regardless.
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    I just finished upgrading to th8 today myself. I don't know from what I am reading into it you might be better off waiting. It sounds like you have all your troops unlocked but not upgraded yet?

    I would try to max out your barbarian king and at least the farming troops you use. Mostly purple walls are also probably a good idea.

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    I suggest you to upgrade everything to the highest level. It will be easier when you're upgrading stuff at the higher Town Halls!

    (Maxing TH7 is not as hard as it sounds like)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeperPower101 View Post
    I'm a town hall 7 and working maxing my air defenses and have lvl 2 BK and unlocked all of the troops for TH 7. When should I upgrade my TH to lvl 8?
    If u want to move to th8 then upgrade to th8, but in my opinon if you can 3 star any th7 base and 2 star a close to fully maxed th8 without using dragons then your are ready for th8
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    A good rule of thumb: after you've mastered all war attacks at your townhall level, on max bases with good layouts, then you are ready to move up
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    I'd go ahead and max th7 out, it shouldn't take you too much longer to finish it.

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    Playing catch up is not fun. Max everything, th7 doesn't take long. If you're antsy, at least max your troops, spells, BK and walls. Catching up defenses isn't bad. Catching up troops and heroes is a pain. If you want to rush to now, imagine when you rush to 9 and your golems and valks are level 1, dragons level 2, balloons level 3... you will have a LOT to catch up to be ready for war. Take your time. Edit: I've seen people rush TH levels and become angry when they can't 3* their mirror, let alone any opponent at their TH level.
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    I'm rushing and just maxing barch, loons, minions, and lavahounds when i get them lol. rushing isn't bad at all, people need to finally let that go.

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    Farming dE for the king at TH7 is probably the worst thing you can do in clash of clans, followed and topped only by maxing th8, which is the biggest mistake a clash of clan player can do resources and heroes wise.

    I would get 200 army space, max barch and move on. You can unlock dragons and that's enough for wars. They will soon become obsolote so its debatable if you should max them or not. To give you an idea, I never unlocked them and I don't need them at all. That saves builder time, lab time and a lot of elixir on research and barracks.

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