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Thread: The Game Is falling trough a way that you can't turn back...

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    Elite barb chaos was bad, but not game killing. It was just a bad buff like RG. But, the thing occuring now is worse than everything. Since now, anti of a meta was completely diffrent than meta. but now, the spell bait decks are ruining the game. since the bait decksdoesn't have too much splash, people use baits against them. And every generation is harder than before. 3/4 of the people I face are bait.

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    Totally agree!

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    I know I'm an old guy (56y/o) and this is just a game but recently I've been seen some strange things. For example last week I fought against some players that were dropping a prince, a golem and a hound right out of the bat with just about one second in between! Another time I was just sent a Golem, an two ice magicians, and just five minutes ago I was sent Prince, Golem, Valkyrie all almost at same time! I know people it's going to say no way this ir that, record or this other thing or that, in just asking to someone please do random monitoring, I like the game win or loose its to have fun but when you see things like that it makes you wonder if how Supercell reslly cares about the Game! I'm too old to sit and record but I'm writing here. I hope the game gets better so as not to loose potential clients! Thanks for reading throughout! I love the game and hey if I keep finding players like that, well what can I do it's not like I'm loosing money right, the must be lonely, sorry, depressed people who has morale so low as to not play fair! Lol have a great one young guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by josejulioh View Post
    I know people it's going to say no way this ir that, record or this other thing or that
    Well you know, every single player that reported such things had no proof to back it up

    To date, there isn't any SINGLE proof of hacking elixir
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