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I agree especially with point 3. The system punishes players who experiment with different cards and upgrade them. Especially people at 3k+, if you want to try a new card or deck you have to spent gold upgrading those cards in order to even be playable. Imagine using a level 5 rare at 3500+ for example. Friendly challenges helped in this matter, but it's not enough, you often need to test a new deck in a real scenario (ladder, against overleveled players) in order to see if a deck works or not, and friendly challenges doesn't help with that.

I'm also at thr 3800 range and it feels exactly as you described, a wall which feels like the only way to get past it is simply upgrading cards (forcing you to overlevel cards and again, killing diversity as it makes it harder to upgrade and try new decks) because no matter how skillful you may get, there are some interactions that are simply broken with such level difference (which is a 2 level difference 90% of the time in my case).
The problem is simple. There's battle decks and play styles that can easily get you past 4000 with under leveled cards. But can you win at Grand Challenges 7-12 times consistently? If you can't, it means your not a top player in the game.

You can compesate for this by overlevelling your battle deck. That's what most people do and this will take time or money. There's strategies involved as to which cards to overlevel first. But now I have to type here consistently because Supercell has become unpredictable with Card Balancing.

It's not that hard to get rares to level 7. You can always do your friendly battles with them. Getting them to level 9 takes exponentially more time. Taking it to 10 takes exponentially more time. Taking it to 11 takes 1000 cards.

Supercell invested draft chests to balance the lack of rares and Epics people get. Also to get you to aim for it. End game, commons get maxed out first, then rares, then Epics and Legendary is on another dimension to get all of them to level 5. Dimension is usually $ and that funds this game and have no problem with it.

So to nail the point home. If you over level your battle deck. You will be rewarded with draft chests. It's up to you to listen or not. Unsure how your lobbying will help. Maybe it will just punish the best strategists in this game of strategy. It doesn't punish top players, they can adapt over time, but again, it will take time and its unfair that Supercell is Card Balancing to punish people that played by their rules and invented new ones which contradicts what they have been doing.