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Thread: Whats your highest LOSING streak?

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    Whats your highest LOSING streak?

    Im sure youve all had those times when your clan just gets into a form slump and stays there for a seemingly never-ending period of time, so im curious: What are your highest LOSING streaks?
    Mine is from last year when we lost 10/11 amidst an environmentally friendly war log, and after those losses half the leadership group left lol

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    In my clans we are not having such high losing streaks. Both are relaxed clans, so in war we have a bit of this in our war log: 5 winstreak, 2 loss, 4 winstreak, 3 loss, 5 winstreak, 1 loss etc. Longest loosing streak is 3. After that we always seem to get some kiddy clan who are not attacking or are really terrible. Some of those terrible clans have really long loosing (like 25 in a row) streaks. To me it seems those clans do it purely for the XP (getting to Level 10 for the perks).
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    2 in a row. Been lucky to have a bunch of really good players. We win more than we lose and get along great.
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    well here's an easy post

    as far as i can ever remember, 99% sure its 2

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    Think we had a 5 loss streak. Early in clan wars, bunch of us went th9 and dropped xbows immediately. It was a combination of being profoundly hosed by the matchmaker and having our best attackers needing to learn entirely new strategies.
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    1, only 1.....

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    We usually rack up wins till the MM finds us a really solidly engineered clan that we can't overcome and wind up dropping one. Then the cycle repeats. So just 1.

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    This is one of the times that I really remind myself that the forums consists of a very small percentage of the player base, otherwise I would think that all clans win wars at least 80-90% of the time, a mathematical impossibility. But my clan, we are not well organized and allow anyone in the clan to war despite causing obvious disadvantage (yeah, the sort of TH10's that struggle against 9's and such) so surprisingly our longest losing streak is only 4. And yes, our overall record is just a few percentages lower than 50% so you are welcome 80-90% winning clans, but I doubt our clan even sees much of those anyways.

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    A look back through our war log and its 3. May have been more last year though

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    Loss streak 2

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