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Thread: How are your recent match ups?

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    How are your recent match ups?

    I'm in a clan that does mostly 50v50 wars currently. Usually pretty fair match ups. We aren't engineers per say, but we do have some 9.5s and 10.5s. No defenseless accounts or anything. Last war we had 9 TH11s with infernos, and between 10.5s and 10. We had infernos down to base #19 on our map. Everything else was th9. Our opponent had 16 eagle bases compared to our 9 which is a huge disparity. They also had infernos all the way down to base 23. This war we just got is more of the same. We have 10 eagles compared to their 15, and our last inferno is base 19, they have infernos down to base 22.

    not a complaint thread, I just saw a thread in general stating some people believe SC released a hidden update targeting engineer clans, and wanted to know how everyone else's matches are the past couple days?
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    Nobody really knows, but the informed speculation seems to be that engineers are matching engineers at a higher rate than before (but non engineers still see plenty engineered opponents) and the war pool might be too small to provide fair wars(especially for larger wars, super especially at 50v50).

    We're close enough to an update that might be a major overhaul, so its probably not worth thinking about much right now.
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    Yes i observed it in my other clan where i play with 2 lopsided bases. And last 2 wars we are facing exactly 2 lopsided bases in opponent side. May be coincidence or some new tweak working at background.
    Point to note that at main clan we use regulars only. And past few wars we r only facing regulars. No lopsided base in opponent

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    They are ay-okay most of the times
    Mostly 40v40 with about 5-7 TH11, TH10s down to around #20-#25, rest TH9s may have some random bases to fill

    The biggest mismatches were without engineered opponents. Just straight up outgunned in both TH11s and TH10s

    We a couple 50v during the event and matches were a bit sloppy, but both clans we matched didnt really try
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