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    That's completely normal i do this all the time too, testing if i have enough GBE for the raid
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    To be clear, these are not airplane mode attacks being discussed are they? I get attacks from time to time with no barrage and no troops launched that look like airplane mode attacks, but when I try attacking in airplane mode the game detects the dropped connection after about 15 seconds. Just curious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikect1020 View Post
    I've had times when using warriors where I do my whole approach using GBE without deploying troops just to see if I'll have enough GBE for the attack.
    If I think I'm close to my limit on gbe for a base I will do this once usually but I have been known to do it 2 or 3 times if I'm trying to spread my smokes more to save gbe for an extra shock or critter crate

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    I think we have ascertained that many players, irrespective of nationality and whether they are robots or not, launch GBE attacks only to then retreat for a variety of reasons.

    I'm with rowman - sometimes when my barrages don't work out I do the same thing.

    And while many may accuse me of being robotic I can assure you that I am not Chinese.

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