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Thread: Confirmation for deleting an ongoing derby task

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    Confirmation for deleting an ongoing derby task

    Please put a confirmation for trashing an ongoing derby task.
    It's so easy to make this mistake and there is no way to undo the faulty trash. You enter in the derby neighborhood and in the opened window your in progress task is displayed. Let's say you want to delete another task and you tap on this task, but for some reason the task isn't selected. You don't pay enough attention and... wow! your ongonig task is gone! It's happened to me today and, believe me, I was so... happy!

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    I think we do have a confirmation window. It just looks similar to the confirmation window for trashing tasks on the board.

    I suggest moving the trash can for your own task, so it's more difficult to do by accident.

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    How about a confirmation box outlined in bright red when it is your ongoing task that is up for trashing? That would give a visual warning that your ongoing task will be trashed if you proceed.


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