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Thread: Gold Statues!

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    Golden Statues!

    Let's say a 3% chance when finishing any masterpiece you spawn a golden masterpiece. Can only have one and gives troops unique buffs. Doesn't count in your statue limit or people would feel pigeon holed into playing just one loadout.

    Examples could be.

    Heaves take 33% less damage from normal cannons.
    Tanks shocked duration is 50% less.
    Rifleman take 25% less damage from mines.
    Grenadier no longer damages friendly troops. Or reduce the damage.
    Medics turn into engineers. They won't heal each other but heal tanks for 15% more.

    Im sure the forums could cook up really good buffs that are balanced these are just examples.

    I know offense just got a update. Ice still feels really strong now with 3 prototypes maybe you could use golden statues to tweak and create new strategies.

    Maybe it's own storage unit that unlike normal statue storage you can swap used ones in and out. Maybe a 24 hour cool down that can be sped up so supercell can make a buck and keep the game going.
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    Sounds like a favorite targets system which is unofficially ruled out. In the early days of boom, cannons dealt double damage to tanks until supercell decided they didn't like having favorite targets so they did away with it completely. This idea favors one troop over another so it's highly unlikely supercell would go back to a favorite targets system. It's also highly unlikely they'd add an 11th deployable statue since they considered this recently but decided against it. And swapping statues in and out of storage is also ruled out.
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    It wouldn't turn troops into heroes just gives you options. Having storage for the statues makes it so you can use heavy for pvp and zooka for operations. I get the rule for no storage swapping on regular statues but I don't see how it would be the same issue. You aren't swapping all reds when attacking then to all blues when you log off.

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    I swap load outs depending on the base I'm attacking at 1032vp.The golden buffs wouldn't change that.

    And there's always a favored loadout that are more powerful during different versions of the game, smoke is insanely popular now. Maybe making other troops more viable I would see more than smoke zookas and warriors attacking my base with 200 plus gbe

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    Like Phoenix, I can't see them returning to a place in the game where specific troops get advantages over others, or certain defenses do more/less damage to a specific troop.

    Here's how I could see a variant on your idea functioning within the game:

    Instead of a gold statue with any permanent impact on the game, have a small percentage of a chance for an artifact that - once used - works for 24 hours and then self-destructs. You can only have one artifact at any given time and cannot store additional artifacts.

    Instead of buffs to specific troops, the buffs could relate to other frequent requests while the rarity and short term duration prevent them from imbalancing the game. For example, a 10% increase in intel drop rates, a 5 % increase in proto drop rates, a 15% increase in the diamond yield from chests on your archipelago, etc.

    Since the player essentially has 24 hours to use the power, it forces strategic timing (like using the proto drop buff on a Hammerman day) but it also provides no ongoing long-term advantage since you may only get an artifact every few weeks.
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    This could be a very unique idea, but for this to be implemented I think having a defensive one is a must. Just like certain troops take less damage from a certain building this statue would make it so a certain building does more damage to a certain troop or has slightly less charge time.

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    I think it's a pretty good idea, bravo.

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