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Thread: What is the worst deck type to lose against?

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    I hate losing to decks that are wildly unbalanced but just so happen to be the perfect counter to my deck.

    When thinking after the match you say "Why did this person make this deck?" It gets wrecked by x y and z meta decks but just so happened to perfectly counter mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chef4k View Post
    There are quite a few deck archetypes that just make you upset to lose against and feel great when you actually win the match, so I'm making a poll to see what is the number 1 type of deck that most players dislike losing to..

    I know that ebarbs and RG get a lot of complaints, but IMO there are far worse decks to go up against than ebarb and RG.

    edit: oops I didn't get to add a poll.
    Miner-Gob Barrel-Rocket. I've lost despite not allowing a single troop across the bridge (i.e. no counter pushes/pushes); they just spam those spells (I consider both miner and gob barrel spells with their "appear anywhere in the arena trait), and defend with a plethora of cheap D (usually both spirits, a cannon, ice golem/archers/knight and zap) and just go back to chipping 400 damage/shot. Building a push is the way to go, but it forces you to start in the back, which allows them to rocket relatively low-risk (especially since they can mount a good defense for 4 elixer).

    It just feels cheap. I can't engage their offense except for being pyschic in terms of where the miner is going to pop up, and at best, I have a knight with 50% HP headed towards the enemy and no tower damage. If I'm wrong on the miner, he gets 2-3 whacks in, and that can be done about 8-10 times during a match (which translated into 1500-2000 damage). Add in 1 mistake on the gob barrel or allowing a rocket and a tower is down.

    I can stomach losing to just about any other archtype; even Hog Cycle allows me a shot at the hog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowLordApprentice View Post
    When you lose to something that's not only off-meta, but doesn't even make sense as a deck and you're like "um wut?"
    This. Exactly this.

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    Chip damage decks with Miner/GB spells inferno

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    Lavaloon. You need to right counter for the deck or you lose the tower. It forces me to bring eWiz.

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    Golem graveyard. Super frustrating deck.

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    Absolutely hate being paired with an opponent that is two levels higher in both player lvl and cards. Why even try. Just get smashed. No chance to win at that point anymore. It is not an equal match up that way. It is ridiculous....Zap king and leave.....

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    Hut spammers-Ughhh dont tell me it isnt a nightmare

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    Hut spammers and rocket cycle. Good thing these aren't too common, all though I was annoyed when I faced 2 spawners in a row

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