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Thread: [RECRUITING] [3200] Aqua Nova (#220Q8PYV) - 35K Clan Trophies | Clan Chest Tier 10/10

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    [RECRUITING] [3200] Aqua Nova (#220Q8PYV) - 35K Clan Trophies | Clan Chest Tier 10/10

    Aqua Nova (#220Q8PYV) [3200+]
    (While applying, please mention "from forum: Supercell")


    Aqua Nova is an "International", English speaking clan with clanmates from all over the world. The clan is looking for active players who are willing to grow personally and are simultaneously able to help the clan. We share tips and tricks, strategies, explain matchmaking (Admit it, we all struggle pushing and supercell just teases us with easy and difficult matches), deckbuilding, conduct occasional clan tournaments while regularly achieving Clan Chests. Please join us if you want to find a clan who fulfills donations quickly and offer a chance to grow in the game.

    36,000+ Clan Score and climbing. 22,000+ Donations a week. Always get Clan Chest Tier 10/10.

    Aqua Nova (#220Q8PYV)
    1. Required trophies 3,200+
    2. Total Donations: 10,000+
    3. English Speaking
    4. Mature, Active, Friendly and willing to donate.

    Only 2 Spots remain, so we hope to see you soon...Clash on!

    Official Feeder Clan: Aqua Nova 2 (#YC9RUGY) [2600+]
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    Thanks to everyone who's joined us from the forum! After the weekly clearance, we now have two spots left for any of the active players to join us! Tournaments, 10/10 tier chest, high donations and helpful assistance from top players, we have it all here! Hoping to see some new buds join us at Aqua Nova! Cheers��

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