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Thread: Clash of clans new channel(the nemesis)

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    Thumbs Up Clash of clans new official channel(THE NEMESIS)

    Welcome to The Nemesis ! Take your Game to the next level ! Attack Strategy ! Best Defenses and more

    Attack Strategies
    Attack strategy TH 10:
    Attack strategy TH 9:
    Attack strategy TH 8:
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    I stopped by and watched one of your videos, the TH9 Queen walk +Lavaloon. It was just a replay of a friendly challenge, no commentary or explanation about the attack at all. How is it you consider this to be teaching someone strategy? You need to explain how and why the attack worked; What to look out for what to exploit, etc.

    Always looking for new YT content and I subscribe to those that have value. Up your game a little and you will get subscribers.

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