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    Oh, my goodness. lol i shudder at my post for the list of eggs. lol I pretty much listed anything that was circular. 😓

    but, but, i know i at least got some of these.

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    I spent 90 minutes staring at that photo to learn I missed some, how about you pay for my ibuprofen I had to take after getting a head ache from hell while I cry about all the ones I missed. lol

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    Wow they were really well hidden, i was able to find some hard ones too but many were really surprisingly hard, and i find it funny how i marked those things as eggs which were not. You guys really did an amazing job, Raindragon and evertonjeff Thank you for this amazing contest

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    HAHAHA 60 eggs many of them really really hard to find and dont look like even its hidden there, i managed only 45 and which i thought would be golden eggs becomes normal egg & in the end i didn't even find a single golden egg

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    So i won't win anything
    Anyways, nice contest!

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    you did a great job hosting this contest!
    15 in each game??? ok r.i.p my chances of winning

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    thanks for organising this raindragon. best mod on the forum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raindragon View Post
    Dont you dare! They were tough to find! Even Evertonjeff kept losing them! He did an amazing job hiding them! Will be fun in the future!
    What if noone found all ?

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    Did anyone get those golden eggs rain? Those were incredibly well hidden, I'm not sure if I actually got the one in the GWs staff, but I'm certain I examined it.
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    I literally had so much enjoyment trying to find the eggs, I didn't realize that 'golden egg's' were actually golden lol
    It was fun and the 'egg' hunt theme near Easter was a great idea

    Quote Originally Posted by Raindragon View Post
    Thank you again to Evertonjeff for his amazing work! And thank you to everyone in the entire Supercell forums community for getting involved and having fun with it!
    Thank you!!!

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