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Thread: Standards are Offensive speech?? Really?!?!?!

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    If you got banned from global for that I'm literally astonished I haven't been banned for my daily rants about how horrible Donald trump is. I really hate that tv show host/bill o Reilly impersonator.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xdreme View Post
    While in Global Chat trying to recruit for my clan I got booted for Inappropriate comments..
    Me: Level 10 adult war clan looking for members, must be th9 or higher with 20 20 heroes or higher
    Me: please read before you request

    Person 1: can I join your clan

    Me: did you read the description? ( I then scout his base, not even a TH8 )

    Person 2: (In some backwards Yoda speak) I can join your clan

    Me : (scout person 2 base) Oh yeah... Your are a TH9 with 20 20 hereos?

    SUPERCELL : CHAT UNAVAILABLE! other players have reported you for inappropriate comments

    This reveals the absurdity of your report system. You obviously do not investigate for yourself. And if you do then you find Standards offensive. Someone entitled little snowflake has a meltdown because they are not what someone is looking for and have people booted? You people should not BOT boot like you do with reports. You should actually have a team for investigating. This is a Poor handling on your part. You are (hopefully) inadvertently allowing easily offended people rule your chat board. If you can't be honest in what you are looking for then what is the point in trying to use your global chat to recruit to actually make your Clan better.. Not just allow any person that wants in on a whim that may leave you in the middle of a war.
    Please re visit how you handle booting people from chat. If there are inappropriate comment flags thrown, have a person check it.. You might find that some things aren't offensive, just honest. I feel like I should be allowed to protect my clan and as long as I am not turning to personal attacks or abusive language than the report should be declined and the reporter should not be taken as seriously on his/her next reporting.
    I have been playing this game for years, I don't troll in the message boards, I do fire a few shots after I have taken a verbal beating for a while, so to say I am perfectly innocent all the time would be false. But I definitely didn't deserve the ban. I am highly disappointed in your handling of this. I hope you correct this for future players.
    I tend to agree, you have a fair point

    Quote Originally Posted by gamul1 View Post
    Super Cell has gotten so politically correct its absurd. As you pointed out, they dont actually investigate anyone, they instead have bots ban people based on stupid reports. The number of times I see kids post "report so and so, he was mean to me" because the person told them they were rushed or they simply couldnt join because they were a TH4. Its an absurd system built on top of a hyper politically correct group of people afraid to hurt even the slightest snow flakes feelings.
    I, for one, literally loathe politically correct. It's just another way of limiting speech. Truth and honesty should primarily govern, not PC comments

    Quote Originally Posted by BbaBaba123 View Post
    Even then, for being ignored you can be banned as well, it lessens the chance of the banning to occur but there are many evil players, happened to me at least 3 times last year near June being the last straw. I've just avoided global entirely since then.
    That suggests a problem in global

    Quote Originally Posted by Berg39 View Post
    The resources required to babysit the global chat system would be huge. The reporting system is a reasonable tradeoff, the punishment is a temporary one day ban (much like beerhunter, the punishment is not that bad).
    I think that's a fair point, but I also disagree that it's a reasonable trade-off.
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    I will admit that global is a pretty bad place in general, but I have never gotten banned. I am on global often, pretty much whenever I'm playing coc I am trying to recruit members for our clan. Literally dozens of times per day I am explaining to someone that they arnt a good fit for our clan. I have never gotten any kick back from anyone like I read here on the forums.

    A very normal reaction is somthing like;

    Me: looking for some non rushed adults from N. America who are looking for a serious war clan.

    Them: hey darm can I join?

    From here I'll look at their base, profile and username. Most of the time I'll say somthing like

    Me: hey man sorry its not going to be a good fit.

    If their base isn't rushed and they arnt a liability in war, but their username implies they aren't close to our timezone, I'll ask them where they are from. If it doesn't meet our parameters, I'll hit them with the same "hey man, nice work on your base! Unfortunately it's not going to be a good fit with the time diffrence".

    9 times out of 10 it ends right there. Anyway who wants to be a part of somthing where they arnt welcome?

    Every once and awhile I'll get a little push back, but it's more like "but I am on all the time so it will be ok". I'll reply with "sorry" and it dies right there.

    Like I said I have never gotten banned for simply letting someone know they aren't a good fit for our clan.

    So no need to avoid global like the plague. Simply adjust your tone and attitude to achieve your desired effect.
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    I assume you don't have bets with your clan to see who can get banned first from global. lol it's a place I rearly go now but it's how I found my first clan I ever joined. So I don't think SC will get rid of it but as some ppl have said above the global now is not the same global as 3-5 years ago to many ppl looking for a partner or its full of kids ( adults acting childish) arguing I pop on leave a cone join us message and more on to a new one then vet the ones that request to join. It's less hassle but very slow in new ( good) recruits

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