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Thread: Standards are Offensive speech?? Really?!?!?!

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    I have a Titan badge and I am mean, rude and don't let anyone in my clan who is not USA, cuz I am USA based and having people in other countries conflicts with wars. I have yet to be banned. I get every kid from India wanting to join me. Being a Titan is good and bad. So I don't go into global very much at all anymore. FYI: I set my trophies to join to 4200 and that solves the wannabes to join.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gw2kpro View Post
    Global chat. Lol.

    I can't think of anything that could be done intentionally in order to make that place more dysfunctional than it already is.
    You could remove the censors, report and mute functions. That would probably do the trick lol

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    all people in global can report you. there are so many kids that just go in global and report the first person that they see.
    some people may report you if you say "no" ...

    thats globalchat....

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    Maybe sc needs to give the green light to report people not using english in english global. That would make global a lot better

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    OP, global is full of idiotic individuals who troll as much as possible, this includes abusing the report button. Best advice is to steer clear and go on the recruitment pages of this forum and reddits. If you get a bite on either of them then you have a far better chance of recruiting a solid member

    With regards to SC's handling of global chat, try not to be to critical of them. The tens of thousands of comments made across the various globals each day is impossible to police unless you have an army of moderators, which is a very expensive option. Bots are the most realistic way of handling global and as such you will get some innocents caught in the crossfire so to say.

    Good luck with your recruitment!

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    You lost me at snowflakes. I find that people who use that term normally have it apply to themselves.
    But yes, the one guy we had in our clan that trolled global has been banned for asking for adults, for being in a lvl 13 clan, for saying the had to be th9 or higher, or for just about anything.
    It's global rules, which is sometimes if you have what we want, if you act snobby in our eyes, we will ban you. A bit of anarchy there. Don't tell them how to act or they'll show you!
    To me, it's pretty simple. Don't go to global, or if you're in a global that is full of the types you don't like, then just leave it and try another.
    Edit: read the definition of snowflake in urban dictionary, why I laughed. (It's not dirty).its just funny that someone so wound up would use the word snowflake as a derogative to others. What happened to you was the opposite. You were gang banned.
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    Global is just dreadful. My advice is to just stay off of it. The folks on there are mostly children.

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    The resources required to babysit the global chat system would be huge. The reporting system is a reasonable tradeoff, the punishment is a temporary one day ban (much like beerhunter, the punishment is not that bad).

    In 4+ years I have never been banned, I have clanmates that even like to stir up trouble on global that have not been banned (maybe once, memory is a bit shaky at this age and over 4-years), so if you get banned it is bad luck (agreed, could happen) or we are not hearing the whole story. If you have bad luck repeatedly....well, it is likely not just bad luck.

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    Im curious, for those that say stay off of global or don't go there, where and how do you recruit (assuming you are recruiting)?
    Global seems like a necessary evil for most clans. If they wanted to fix the report issue they could just remove the report button and ise mute instead. Seems pretty simple to me.

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    I just join a global...drop the recruiting post, then walk away....i sift through the requests and if we find a person who meets our requirements then let em in. Staying in Global to Chat is a waste of time.
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