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    Dev Q&A Round VII [Answers]

    Submitted by Micheallo from the forums: Will there be an ETA for new cards being released or are all of them going to be "coming soon"?

    Our current plan is to keep them as "coming soon" until close to their release. This gives us more flexibility to release new cards when we think the time is right. We're still aiming for roughly a new card each month, though, but we're going for more of a "when they're good and ready" approach now, rather than needing to release one every 2 weeks. That schedule was beginning to put pressure on the team and resulted in a couple of suboptimal card releases.

    Submitted by Musaks from reddit: Since last update there is a group of people claiming that matchmaking now matches everyone according to PB. Despite evidence hinting that is not the case this keeps popping up. Could you clarify what changes have been implemented and which players are or are not influenced by it?

    We made a small matchmaking change with the last update to try and prevent trophy dropping. The result is that people who have dropped a lot of trophies will be matched with other people who have also dropped - to try and contain the problem and disincentive it. However, our initial numbers were a little tight and ended up catching some players who weren't intentionally dropping, so we make a small tweak and things are looking good now.

    As always with matchmaking changes, we don't go into details on them (because doing so can open up the possibility for people to game the system), but rest assured that we're always monitoring and will make improvements if needed. However, we rarely touch the matchmaking code and like to keep it as simple as possible (less stuff can go wrong if the rules are simple). For the most part you're purely matched based on your trophy count and nothing else; and no, there is nothing that matches you against your counter deck!

    Submitted by Destroyer864 from the forums: What made you decide that a heal mechanic would now benefit the game in a balanced way where as before it was ruled out?

    Initially we thought that healing mechanics would promote more defensive gameplay, but after prototyping and playtesting the heal spell, we soon saw that almost everyone used heal purely on offense to bolster an attack and it actually encouraged more interesting and offensive gameplay... so quite the opposite of our initial feelings!

    Also, in an earlier version of the game (before soft launch), we had a builder type character who healed/repaired structures. Unsurprisingly, this really reinforced defensive and siege gameplay, so we probably had some unwarranted reservations about heal mechanics from those days!

    Submitted by jhove5010 from reddit: With everyone loving clan battles, is there a good chance they will completely replace the normal clan chests?

    We've talked about that, but I wouldn't say there's a "good chance" of it happening. We'd like to try and always run a special Challenge over the Clan Chest weekend, so ideally it becomes more fun and a bit easier to contribute towards. On the other hand, the Clan Battle Chest is awesome and we're exploring ways to make it a bigger part of the game.

    Submitted by edmir31 from the forums: How do you plan to address the overleveling issue of common cards?

    We don't have any plans to address/change this at the moment. For a better explanation of why, check out the latest episode of Radio Royale at the 8m 40s mark.

    Submitted by slifyer from reddit: At various points in time you have mentioned creating a more relaxed game mode. Is there any possibility that a casual mode will be coming to the game soon?

    Yes, we have some stuff in this area coming with the next update. It's too soon to start talking about it yet, as things can and do change often, so temper those expectations if you can! It's not going to be a full-blown single player mode, but there are elements of that coming. PvE is inherently more casual than PvP, so the idea is that this should tick some of the boxes when it comes to more casual play options. Again, don't hold us to any of the above please, but we are thinking and working towards some more casual stuff...

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    Can't wait for the next card and update to come out.
    Thanks for, once again, letting everyone know that cards will now be coming out only "when they're ready".
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    Also good to see the matchmaking question getting cleared out
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    Thanks Tim! Nice to see that you are still doing this as well as Radio Royale. Also I'm THIRD
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    If anyone played Fallout 4... SC is like The Institute... striking out anywhere for any reason.... without us even knowing what they are up to

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    Hope this will put some of those tin-foil hats to rest...but probably won't. Thanks for the interesting insights!

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    Thx Tim

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    Awesome! Helpful.
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    nice job.. communication goes so far for SC fans.. that's all we want.

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