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Thread: Engineering....Why?

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    I have been playing Clash of Clans for about 4 years now and am noticing much more engineered clans....I wanted to ask, What is the appeal to engineering a clan? Why do you guys do this? IMHO you cant be a true War Clan while engineered....I have some very strong feelings/opinions about this subject and wanted to hear from the Engineers that think that engineering is FP...Please tell me why you think this way. Thanks

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    Initially it started because some high level players wanted a different game play.
    Soon after others noticed the advantage in it.
    Nowadays anyone creates such an account / clan just to be part off the masses.

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    I presume if you are against all forms of engineering you allow TH10s with full guns and 10/10 heroes to war in your clan?
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    It's FP because SC allows it under its definition of FP. Plain and simple. I am not an engineer btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeHammy View Post
    And that's really the root of the discussion. Opinions are like...belly buttons. Everyone's got one. And in other's honest opinions, your opinion is wrong, and engineering is a totally legitimate, viable and respectable strategy.

    As for FP, according to the ToS, it's 100% fair play. Some people will argue about what is or isn't morally fair, but from an objective position, engineering is FP

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    People do engineering if they are tired of farming or pushing / tired of heavy and hard wars OR if they want to build a green war log.
    You can't win from highly engineers but a draw if you are great warrior

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    People started doing it because they wanted a way to combat mismatches, now they do it to get mismatches in their favor and get their win streak going.
    Clans war to win and at the moment that's how you do it
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    It's up to supercell to make everything in the game worth building. When they realized that people would not build defenses to get an advantage in clan wars they started balancing matchmaking in order to discourage this practice.

    In my clan we don't accept engineers. Since we have none, a single engineered base can screw up our matchmaking, and the opposite clan will come with a lot of engineers. Engineers against engineers... let them see who engineers bets. Fair enough.

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    Why do people continue to say that SC is doing improvements to this in MM, we have never noticed this, we get to a win streak of 6-7 and bam, heavy engineered clan every time. IMHO since we are using that it is for guys who cant stand up head to head in war and need an advantage.
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    I just want to rant for a minute and not start a new thread.

    We are in a war right now 15v15
    3 11's
    2 10's
    10 engineered bases from defenseless to .XX (whatever you want to number them)

    We have
    1 11
    1 10
    rest 9's

    all various progression but war ready on our side the 11 and 10 basically maxed

    we cleaned up 6 down on the first hit but now we have 10-12 worthless th9 attacks.
    It's not that we will win or lose because it looks like the war may swing either way its the fact that half our clan is stuck either not attacking or hitting bases that are no fun to attack.

    Engineering is for the birds really getting old in war.

    I'm not sure how we can do our roster any differently and still keep clan mate engaged.
    Just frustrating.

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