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Thread: Engineering....Why?

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    I know how frustrating it must be to have a non rushed clan and go against an engineered clan. I have a th11 that gets paired against th8s and has max th11 troops. I feel like it's just the difference of what you want your village to look like. If you think you should max your infernos before you max your bowlers, you are going to loose wars. Offensive should always take precedence over defensive. It's just smart playing. I started upgrading troops and hero's over defenses a year before I heard the term engineered. I now have going on 1500 war stars and can attack any number in war. I enjoy it.

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    Yes, it is technically fair play but....It's main purpose and reason for being, is to get an unfair advantage in war. Ideally what happens is that a TH9+ with super low defensive war weight, will equal a much lower base for the enemy. So you give up one easy base, to have the ability to 3 star two of their tougher bases.

    The whole point of war weight, is to get even matches. It's supposed to be like boxing, where people who are the same weight, should have a fair match. Engineering is kinda like saying the fat 6yr old kid and the skinny 12yr old both weigh the same, so they should be an even fight, when obviously the 12yr old has a massive advantage in other areas and should easily win. Yes, they consider offensive weight more now, but it still easily manipulated and needs to change even more.

    Defenseless bases also offer no challenge or fun(or clan points) to the people who have to attack them. Kinda sucks when your war attacks are against a level 1 cannon base. It's a waste of time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VeeBirds View Post
    People started doing it because they wanted a way to combat mismatches, now they do it to get mismatches in their favor and get their win streak going.
    Clans war to win and at the moment that's how you do it
    That's certainly how I got to combat mismatches up top.

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    Because people like to win, and they know engineering gives them an inherent advantage over normal players.

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    I rushed to th8 because my king was lvl5 and my de storage full.
    I rushed to th9 because my king was lvl10, my de storage was full and I wanted to start upgrading my queen.
    I rushed to th10 because of bowlers and the de drill.
    In a few weeks when my heroes are 30/30, I will rush to th11 to start upgrading the gw because i want to finish the hero upgrades at the same time.

    I don't upgrade my th to get an advantage in war. My builders are always busy ... I don't even have an idle builder for walls because I want to finish my defenses as quickly as possible.

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    To stop engineering war weight depends on heros level and offensive strength equally defensive strength. Also reduce xbow and inferno weight.

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    the norm which is a maxed 10, 9, 8 etc, has now been considered cute. it's like those goblin only bases, or no walls. It is now a for fun base. the bases in between engineers and maxed bases are the norm now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mat5592 View Post
    Because people like to win, and they know engineering gives them an inherent advantage over normal players.
    WHY-This is as good an explanation as any.

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    I got an engineered account in the Forum goat herd

    Want to learn how to do GFX on Your mobile device?

    Thank you DragonX101 for this cool Sig!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeHammy View Post
    I have been playing Clash of Clans for about 4 years now and am noticing much more engineered clans....I wanted to ask, What is the appeal to engineering a clan? Why do you guys do this? IMHO you cant be a true War Clan while engineered....I have some very strong feelings/opinions about this subject and wanted to hear from the Engineers that think that engineering is FP...Please tell me why you think this way. Thanks

    Another way to ask your question is: Why do people upgrade their accounts in a way that is advantageous for war? Then the question sort of answers itself.

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