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    I hope I can make it
    I will like to guess the Golden eggs only if that's ok

    I found 4 golden eggs and they are all Red.

    Clash of clans section there's golden egg on the red side of the shield.
    Boom Beach section there's golden egg on the front/right side of the red tank.
    Hay Day section there's golden egg on the right side of the red barn where the black bird is standing.
    Clash Royale section there's golden egg on the left shoulder of the red king.

    Fun game, thanks!

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    in my house :P
    its almost a day already 17 of april for me, who is the winner xD
    Sorry if my reply sound rude or insulting| i didn't mean it just ask me to delete it if its insulting
    for help to counter hog click this ​, i will discuss about hog if you want in PM
    currently sitting on around 3900-4000, give me some good luck please

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    I have been defiled.
    did my post make it?

    thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dk27 View Post
    Ohh wow know I see how well few of those eggs are placed . Pretty nice job done in sneaking them in.

    I appreciate your efforts, thanks for conducting such a fun task.
    Hope such kinda things keep on coming in future.
    Thank you! I intend to have a lot of these kinds of contests and other kinds too! I'm so happy you're enjoying it!

    Quote Originally Posted by IcewolfBlizzard View Post
    But Rain... I followed all the rules!
    Hahahaha! *hugs*

    Quote Originally Posted by DevilIsHere875 View Post
    Hi raindragon , u are so hardworking may be I could be the one like u ! But u said u got an super old I-pad , that isn't suporting u well for fast typing , why not u consider changing your phone ! Or typing on forum using your PC....!

    Well great job by u

    By the way how's my new signature I got it yesterday only.....!
    I am using my phone to help me create the list. Scrolling with my phone while I type on my iPad. I don't have a PC. Hopefully someday soon I'll get an updated iPad.

    Your sig is great!

    Quote Originally Posted by HaRiGamerBoy View Post
    What list? Where can I see it?
    The list is on the second page of this thread. I keep updating it every so often. Pretty sure you're on it.

    Quote Originally Posted by rnbhal View Post
    thnks for all ur hard work and organizing such a fun event for all of us's my pleasure Hun...thank you for the support!

    Quote Originally Posted by karthik7 View Post
    I don't know the character named of boom Beach & hay day...just wrote wat they wore how they look that ok ??

    & Happy Easter 
    Haha! No worries. I don't know the characters names in Boom myself. But once I get a better iPad I'm going to start playing it so I have a better understanding for these contests.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dinok1d View Post
    I found eggs in each picture, I've circled them but im not sure how to attach a picture onto this thread
    If you read back in my posts here, I explain how to use a website called It's very easy. Give it a try!

    Quote Originally Posted by CommanderCody View Post
    When will you reveal the winners of Merchandise and ingame currency?
    Sometime in the coming week.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowZZer View Post
    Could to post how many eggs each person found even if they don't win? And also who "would've" won if it hadn't been for the people limit? I'd like to know that once the results are out
    Haha...well....this thread and everyone's posts will be visible when I post the winners so you can see how close people got when you look through.

    Quote Originally Posted by KoKoLady View Post
    I hope you can open this thread today so we can see all the clever answers. Even without announcing the winners yet, we'll just want to look at all the answers here. I'm a curious folk! hehe
    Haha...I understand. But I have a lot of looking and checking and some cleaning up to I'll just do it all at once. Shouldn't be TOO long, I hope.

    Quote Originally Posted by Skankz View Post
    My name still has an asterisk next to it, has the submission not gone through properly? I included an image with circled eggs and wrote the golden eggs in a list, is that ok?
    Your post is there...but your image did not show up. Still time to add it.

    Quote Originally Posted by RahulRajTheKing View Post
    When will the contest end?I think that I am too late to post my answer.
    Still time! It will end in a little over 6 hours.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit765789 View Post
    its almost a day already 17 of april for me, who is the winner xD
    Hahaha! Great try!

    Quote Originally Posted by Meruem1 View Post
    did my post make it?

    thanks in advance. was on the list last night.

    Okay....the list is updated! There's about 6 hours left to get your entries in! Good luck all! Thank you all for playing and for enjoying it! Don't forget that evertonjeff is the creative force behind the picture! You did such a great job, hunny!

    Hoppy Easter everyone!!

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    Raindragon if u see this I would like to wish u a happy easter.

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    Hopefully this works?

    Credits to AsonUnique
    一遍... 死んで見る?

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    Hey Rain,

    Thanks for all the efforts put by you.
    But I feel very bad reputation system is not available on this subforum, if it is active here I am very sure u will be the top of all the forumers.

    Your every post deserve a reputation point.

    Please talk to other mods and make reputation system available here too.
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    I just wanted to commend you for your valuable effort for doing this contest. I've been following this thread (even though it's modified for viewing), You've been doing great with all the updates and everything. This is such a fun contest. Also shoutout to evertonjeff for making such clever hiding of all the eggs, I see eggs everywhere I look after doing all the searching ugh. Thank you
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    Regular Eggs
    Clash of Clans
    -On the Balloon
    -On the Baby Dragon's arm
    -On the Healer's face
    -In the Archer's hair
    -On the Golem's left leg
    -On the PEKKA's armor near the nipple
    -On the shield near the arrow
    -On the PEKKA's sword
    -On the Lava Hound's face
    -On the builder's thumb
    Boom Beach
    -On the red general's hat
    -On the tree above the red general's hat
    -On the red tank near the tread
    -On the red dress
    -On the soldier with the rifle's chin
    -On the missile in the words "Boom Beach"
    -On Dr. T's arm
    -On the light next to the blue general's head
    Clash Royale
    -On the red king's beard
    -On the red king's left shoulder
    -On the side of the Legendary Chest
    -On the blue king's beard
    -On the red king's nose
    -On the blue king's crown
    -On the Barbarian's arm
    -On the left Mortar's blue wrap
    -Behind the right Mortar
    -On the blue king's arm
    -On the Knight's sash
    -Behind the Barbarian's right foot
    -On the Prince's feather on his helmet
    Hay Day
    -On the roof of the barn
    -On the guy's left shoe
    -On the guy's beard
    -On the bottom of the lady's dress
    -On the green bird's wing
    -On the crow's wing
    -Behind the guy's left hand
    -On the scarecrow's shirt
    -On the police officer's jacket
    -On the bunny's face
    -On the bunny's leg
    -Behing the goat's head on the silo

    Golden Eggs
    Clash of Clans
    -In the Wizard's fireball
    Boom Beach
    -Above the heavy's foot
    Clash Royale
    -In the Barbarian's hair
    -On the crown on the shield
    Hay Day
    -Behind the bee's legs
    -In the hay next to the words "Hay Day"

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    List of Easter Eggs that aren't golden
    Clash of Clans
    1.On the baby dragon's arm
    2.On the lava hound's cheeks
    3.On the CLash of Clan's shield
    4.In the wizard's fireball
    5.Balancing in the builder's thumb
    6.On the pekka's chest plate
    7.The dragon's leg
    8.The minion's right arm
    9.On the healer's cheek
    10.On the balloon above the brown patch
    11.The witch's eye
    12.behind the giant's arm
    13.on the pekka's sword
    14. giant's left arm
    15. around the grand warden holding the staff, near his hand and near the barbian king
    16.around the A in Clash and the L and A in clans
    17.on the golem's fist
    18.on the valkyrie's fist
    19.near the minon's ear and on the healer wing
    20.near the bomb's fuse of the balloon and the aura of the healer
    21.on the lava hound's wing between the wing and the lava hound's body
    22.In the archer's hair
    23.between the archer queen's hair and crown
    24. on the archer queen's neck
    25.on the the archer queen's chest
    26. on the archer queen's modified xbow
    27.near the archer queen's elbow
    28.on the lava hound's ankle
    29.near the lava hound's arm
    30. around the pekka's finger below the metal that links the fron to the back of the armor
    31.on the barbrian king's cheek
    32.on the barbrian king's chin
    33. near the barbrian king's spike, on the shoulder pad
    34.the bomber on the balloon's fuse
    35.on the bomb that the bomber is holding
    36.near the biggest horn/spike of the lava hound's head
    37.on the barbrianking's golden fist
    38.on the wizard's neck
    39.behind the lava hound's foot
    40. around the lava hound's thigh
    41.on the valkyrie's shoe
    42.on valkyrie's right shoulder
    Boom Beach
    43.The second o in boom
    44.In the valkyrie's axe
    45.In the bazooka's earphones
    46.In the scorcher(the red one)red tank leg
    47.on the scorcher's gray tank leg
    48.The guy in the white lab suit's ear
    49. On the the girl with the red coat, her coat
    50.Behind the bazooka's short
    51.The girl who is leaning on the tank left earphone
    52.The girl who is leaning on the tank right earphone
    53.On the tree, at the upper right of the black hat
    54.on the blue rifle soldier's chin
    55.on the blue rifle soldier's helmet
    56.The guy in the white lab suit's right lens of the glasses
    57.The guy in the white lab suit's left lens of the glasses
    58.around the machine gunner's right elbow in the sky maybe...
    59.on the shirt of the machine gunner's center left chest on the shirt
    60.on the shirt of the machine gunner's center right chest on the shirt the Grenadier ear
    62.on the guy with the white suit's chin
    63. at the gun of the rifleman in the area where the gun is triggered
    64.every top of the grenades that the grenadier has(3 excluding the one i circled,4 in total)
    65.the guy in the white suit's right elbow
    66.behind the bazooka's right side of her head
    67.on valkyrie's right shoulder
    Clash Royale
    68.On the super magical chest's bottom half
    69.The king who is laughing's beard(the king in blue)
    70.The king who is laughing's right sleeve
    71.The king who is mad's beard(the king in red)
    72.The king who is mad's nose
    73.The king who is mad's red cape
    74.The prince's blue feather thingy
    75.The knight's red/brown sash
    76.On the legendary chest top side
    77.On the crown in the shield
    78.the mortor on the left on the blue
    79.the barbrian's arm
    80.behind the barbrian's foot(the red and white)
    81.behind the babrrian's sandal(blue)
    82.behind the mortor on the right
    83.below the e in clash royale
    84.on the legendary chest side
    85.The king with the blue cape's crown in the blue having the gold jewel in the middle
    86.The king with the red cape's crown in the red having the gold jewel in the middle
    Hay Day
    87.The bunny's cheek
    88.below the lumberjack looking like dude's fist
    89.on the dress next to the y in day
    90.around the legs in the bee
    91.on the duck's wing
    92.On the scarecrow
    93.On the barn the cowboy is sitting on
    94.In the lumberjack looking like dude's light brown beard
    95.on the crow's wing
    96.On the brown horse's chin
    97.Behind the brown horse's neck
    98.On the guy who looks like a mailman/policeman's suit
    99.The girl's left earring
    100.the girl's right earring
    101.On the barn far away behind the goat's head
    102.On the duck's cheek
    103.In the crops to the next of the duck
    104.the pink in the girl's hat
    105.The mailman/policeman's mailbag(the black space)
    106.The goat's cheek
    107.the brown horse's cheek
    108.egg in the duck's hair
    109.the second egg in the duck's hair
    110.besides the d in day
    111. near the goat's chin
    112.on the fence near the scarerow the cloud near the far mountain(?) near the tree
    114.below the rooster's beak(in the red) the pig's ear
    116.on the lumberjack looking like dude with the light-ish brown beard's collar
    117.on the lumberjack looking like dude with the light-ish brown beard's sleeve
    118.on the lumberjack looking like dude with the light-ish brown beard's shoe
    119.above the pig's nose






    Might be GOLDEN List(or they r just yellow, i cant tell the difference...)
    1.On the wheat in along the side of the words Hay Day(HD)
    2.On the crow's beak(HD)
    3.In the barbrian's hair(CR)
    4.on the Grand Warden's book(COC)
    5.on the grand warden's glow on the staff
    5.The wizard's eye(COC)
    6.On the healer's right chest on the dress(COC) the glow of the lava hound's skin(COC)(reference to the image)


    25.lava hound's eyes(COC)
    26.behind the Grenadier's head(BB)
    27.At the machine gunner's feet(BB)
    28.on the barbrian king's head in the crown(COC)
    29.on the lava hound's knee(COC)
    30.on the grenadier's left cheek(BB)




    The list doesn't include the one circled in the images but for the one image for the lava hound skin.
    Hopefully, nothing is too confusing. and the image links works...

    And if I happen to win for locating all of the golden eggs, I would have the gems go to Clash Royale on my account IceDestruct #2QJPC9J9

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