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    Quote Originally Posted by Raindragon View Post
    Some of you are more technically inclined. Just letting you know that a copy of the picture with the eggs circled is acceptable too. Up to you whether you want to type a list or circle the eggs on a picture. If you choose to circle the eggs on the picture...please specify which you are counting as the golden eggs.

    Thanx guys!
    I posted my pictures with both the regular ones and what I thought was the golden one. What do I do

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    Right here goes, good procrastination at work this. If any of these look like eggs, and are just a red herring sorry but I have very keen eyesight and an overactive imagination.

    Normal eggs:
    CoC (8 eggs)
    Hounds face
    Pekka breastplate
    Giants arm
    Baby Drag arm
    Main shield (in the red)
    Queen's right breast
    Archer's hair
    Loon flame

    BB (the hardest of the four) (7 eggs)
    Admiral's hat
    Tank lady hat
    Tree on mountain left side
    Rocketeer earmuff
    Mad scientist's ear
    Lady in red tunic
    Grey and blue thing on the right (in the blue) - sorry I don't know the name!

    CR (10 eggs)
    Red king shoulder
    Blue king hat
    Right hand chest right flat side
    Prince feather
    Red king nose
    Blue king beard
    Barbarian arm
    Left mortar (in the blue)
    Behind right mortar
    Blue king's arm

    Hay Day (11 eggs)
    Duck wing
    Scarecrow tunic
    Hen house roof
    Under the bee
    Postman jacket
    Lady's skirt
    Lumberjack beard
    Rabbit cheek
    Barn above goat
    Horse chin
    Below lumberjack hand

    Goldens: Wizards flame (CoC), on top of the boat (BB), barbarian hair (CR) & Crow's beak (Hay day) - some of these could be "yellow" but I'm playing safe

    45 in total
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    Where is picture?

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    Golden Egg: Behind Giant's right arm

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    Okay !
    I am going first ,
    Found those ones which my eye saw !

    Clash of Clans -
    1) In the mouth of dragon ( seems golden )
    2) On the mouth of hound
    3) On the shoulder of baby dragon
    4) On the mouth of healer ( left side )
    5) On the shield / clan badge / whatever , on the red side
    6) On the armor of pekka ( left side )
    7) On the thumb of builder
    8) On the hand of wizard ( seems golden )
    9) behind the first rope of balloon ( not sure but it looks like an egg )10) On the sword of pekka

    Boom Beach --
    1) Under the eye of that Big man ( right side )
    2) on the hat of that angry man
    3) there's a visible egg on that tree
    4) On the right ear of that girl
    5) On the hat of that junior soldier
    6) on the elbow of that scientist
    7) the first circle of that green jacket.
    8) in the ' C ' of Boom Beach ( looks brightening )
    9) on the red tank
    10) behind the head of that " without cloths "

    Clash Royale --
    1) On the head of that blue king
    2) On the nose of red king
    3) On the head of barbarian
    4) On the shoulder of red king
    5) On the shoulder of barbarian
    6) On the left sided mortar
    7) On the blue hair ( or whatever ) on the prince
    8) On the right sided chest
    9) on the beard of blue king
    10) near the beard of red king

    Hay Day --
    1) In the mouth of that brown boy ( seems golden )
    2) On the red hut
    3) On the beard of that red shirted man
    4 ) On the mouth of rabbit ( left side )
    5 ) On the mouth of horse
    6) On the wing of that green bird .
    7) on the shirt of that scare crow
    8) On the shirt of that policeman ( left side )
    9) Aside of letter ' Y ' of 'DAY'
    10) Under the Bee

    well , Okay !
    that was only that my eyes saw ,
    If it is a co-incidence that i could find 10 eggs in each or they added 10 in each.

    See ya

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    Regular eggs:
    -On the Hound
    -The builders thumb
    -Pekkas chest
    -Healers cheek
    -Hamermans hat
    The small tree in the background of the Boom Beach pic
    -Right side of the Zookas headphones
    -In the warriors hammer
    -On the bottom part of the scorcher
    -The top right side of Legendary chest
    -Left Mortar in Royale pic
    -Barbarians arm in Royale pic
    -Blue kings beard
    -The blue hair on the prince
    -Blue kings crown
    -Red king nose
    -Black birds wing
    -Red barns roof on the left side of Hay Day pic
    -Behind the orange bearded mans hand
    -Scarecrows blue shirt
    The bottom pink part of the girls skirt
    -The CoC balloons flame inside (
    -Behind the right Mortar in the Royale pic
    -Behind the horses head
    -The orange bearded mans beard
    -The baby dragons arm
    -Behind the barbarians right foot
    -The Archers hair
    -Right side of the red kings beard
    -The barbarians head
    -The green-blueish birds wing
    -Blue kings left arm
    -Riflemans chin
    -Evil BB doctors ear
    -Behind the dragons right foot

    Golden egg locations:
    -In the CoC pic, the wizards flame has a gold egg
    -The crown in the Clash Royale logo has it on the left side
    -The top part of the wheat in the Hay Day logo has one
    -A gold egg behind the bee
    -Behind the left foot of the Heavy
    -Black birds beak

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    Of the ones I could find:

    The normal eggs are circled in red.
    The golden eggs are circled in yellow.

    I hope the image works!
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    Golden eggs 4:

    CoC - Clash of clans shield red part
    CR - Between blue and red king beow prince chin
    BB - Boom beach Red tank in front of wheel section
    HD - Red Barn on hayday above goat below black bird

    Other eggs 36:

    Clash of Clans 13:

    Left dragon foot
    Minion forehead
    Healer cheek
    Balloon top
    Balloon fire
    LH chin
    Archer Hair
    Baby drag shoulder
    Pekka sword
    Pekka armor
    Miner thumb
    Behind giant arm
    Wizard fire

    Clash Royale 10:

    Blue King crown
    Blue king beard
    red king beard
    Prince plume
    Legendary chest
    Barb hair
    Blue king shirt
    Barb arm
    Mortar ring
    Behind mortar

    Boom Beach 5:

    General hat
    Musk ear

    Hay day 8;

    Bird feather
    Behind horse
    Barn roof
    Hayday hay
    Rabbit cheek

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    underground . .
    Locations in COC:
    Lavahound's Chin
    Builder's Thumbs up
    COC Shield logo red side
    Baby drags shoulder
    Wizard's Flames
    COC White egg behind C (pekka's sword)
    Pekka's Chest
    Drag's behide tail right side
    Balloon's Balloon top red egg
    Healer's Cheek
    Minion's Body (not sure)
    Giant's Armpit (lol)
    Archer's Hair
    Archer Queen's Breast (on her left breast)

    From BB:
    On tree
    Zooka's headphones
    Hammerman's hat
    BoOm Beach logo (torpedo O)
    Heavy's Gun Barrel Hole (thingie)
    Rifleman's Chin
    Warrior's Hammer
    That red dress lady's skirt
    Red tanks left mudguard

    From CR:
    Barb's muscles
    Blue King's Beard
    Prince's Feature
    Red King's close to Shoulder (red egg)
    Barb's Hair
    Behind Barb's foot
    Behind Mortar
    Legendary chest (almost missed that)
    Red king's nose
    Blue King's Right Sleeve
    Knight's Red body band
    Left Mortar Blue Ring
    CR Logo's Crown (is that a golden egg O.O)

    From HD (I don't know any characters name so please spare me):
    Rabbit's foot
    Shed Roof
    Below Bee
    Between hand & butt of orange hair dude
    Lady's skirt
    Orange Hair dude's beard
    Scarecrow's Chest
    Postman's Shirt
    Duck's wing
    Between goat's horn & ear
    Crow's beak
    Behind Horse
    Does that lady's ear rings counts (they look like white eggs, then 2x)

    So total eggs = 50
    Golden Egg = On CR Logo's crown.

    Thank you for making these cool exciting small games. Had lots of fun & I hope I didn't go overboard.

    Sig Courtesy of Shadow626

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