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    Why my name not included in the list😐😥

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    Did my post reach you?

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    in-case my post hasn't been posted here, since my name not included in the updated list i'm re-submitting my submission

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    Even if you can't post the winners immedeately, can you post the pic revealing all the eggs now?

    Have Fun

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    Sorry, not sure if this went through the first time. It said I wasnt logged in.

    Upper right of picture: 1.On volcano rock creature's mandible
    2. Red egg on hot air balloon (upper edge of picture)
    3. On right cheek of fairy in yellow
    4. On forehead of smaller blue dragon/demon beside yellow fairy
    5. Transparent egg behind fairy/blue dragon/demon
    6. Blue egg behind left hind leg of big blue dragon
    7. Green egg on right bicep of green dragon
    8. Bronze egg on right shoulder armor plate of warrior beside green dragon
    9. Red patterned egg on red half of shield
    10. On grey/purple rock monster's right knee
    11.Egg on grey rock monster's arm (behind orange lady's hair)
    12. Black egg above thumb of midget warrior
    13. Egg on right breastplate armor of bull-horned creature (lower left of picture)
    14. Egg on sword of bull-horned creature (under/behind letter "C" in Clash)
    15. Egg on helmet of bull-horned creature
    16.GOLDEN EGG: Within fireball of hooded magician guy on right of picture

    BOOM BEACH: 1. Small egg under big bandana wearing guy's left eye
    2. On General/Commander's cap
    3. Green egg on tree on mountainside
    4. Egg on left earmuff of female carrying RPG launcher
    5.Egg on skirt part of Red lady's uniform/coat
    6. Egg beside belt of red lady (above head of face painted, earring wearing dude)
    7. Egg on Ace card in GI Joe's hatband
    8. Egg on chin of GI Joe
    9. Egg on chest stick-grenade belt (first grenade) of stick-grenade wielding maniac
    10.Yellow Egg behind grenade wielder's head
    12. Egg in right ear of mad scientist wearing spectacles
    13. 2 Black eggs in place of headphones round neck of female officer in blue uniform sitting on the tank
    14. Blue egg in ?missile/bomb in BOOM
    15. Red patterned egg on red tank thingy at bottom right of picture
    16. Blue egg on ?light thingy in between Red lady and brown haired dude
    17. Brown egg between tank and word BOOM
    18. Brown egg behind shorts of RPG toting female on right (under her fist on her hip)
    19: GOLDEN EGG: Above right foot of bandana wearing big guy

    1. In crown of King on left
    2.On beard of King on the left (centre of the beard)
    3. Blue egg in plume of Knight between the kings
    4. Red patterned egg on cape of King on the right
    5. Pink egg on nose of King on the right
    6. Black egg on beard of King on the right (right edge of beard)
    7. Green egg on treasure chest on the right
    8.Yellow egg beneath tip of beard of King on the right
    9. On sleeve of King on the left
    10. Egg on short warrior's right bicep (guy in front of the king on the left)
    11. Blue egg on cannon in front of short warrior
    12. Brown patterned egg behind left sandal of short warrior
    13. Red egg on red sash of chain-mail wearing soldier
    14. Green egg behind cannon on the left hand side of picture
    15. Egg on corner of lid of treasure chest at the top left of picture
    16. GOLDEN EGG: On helmet of short warrior

    1. Egg on wing of duck (upper left of picture)
    2. Black egg on wing of ?crow/raven
    3. Patterned red egg on barn (above goat's ear)
    4. Patterned brown egg behind horse's jaw/neck
    5.Egg between bee's 2nd and 3rd legs
    6.Blue egg on Alfred the postman's blue jacket (beside the 2nd gold button)
    7.Egg on scarecrow's jacket (below right lapel)
    8. Egg on Greg's chin/beard
    9.Egg on tree between duck's butt and cowboy's hat
    10. Egg on roof of chicken house
    11.Egg on right cheek of fluffy bunny
    12.Egg earrings on dancer
    13. Pink egg on skirt of dancer (below stalk of wheat running though HAYDAY)
    14.Egg under Greg's right fist
    15: GOLDEN EGGS: On beak of ?crow/raven AND within head of the WHEAT running through the word HAYDAY

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    What kinda stickers are you Rewarding? SC logoes or Game stickers?

    Thank you DragonX101 for this cool Sig!

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    Just figured I'd say thanks for all the hard work you guys put into everything.

    Here for one Halloween season only!
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    Is it the picture of all the four games out of which we have to find the eggs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raindragon View Post

    Easter Contest

    How many eggs can you find?

    Hello everyone! Ready for a new contest? It's Easter time and that silly bunny has hopped all over Supercell-land, hiding eggs for all of you to find. After hopping all over town, fishing area and farm hiding his eggs...he lingered in Hay Day, visiting with his bunny cousins and enjoying their carrots. He hopped over logs and dashed around towers, narrowly avoiding getting frozen in Clash Royale. He hurried his little feet over Volcano Island and scurried quickly across the Archipelago and across all the islands of Boom Beach. He dove off of the BB docks and into the sea and swam his little bunny heart out, dragging himself....waterlogged and exhausted...onto the shoreline in Clash of Clans, where he scampered around hiding his eggs behind barracks and archer towers and builder's huts...making sure to avoid the clapping village maidens because they always tip off everyone to where he hides them. He's tired now and needs a please jump in and hunt for his eggs so he does not feel like he did all that hopping for nothing!

    Here is how to play:

    There are eggs hidden in each game in the picture. Some are easy and some are frustratingly hard. Find as many as you can in the entire picture.

    I am am not going to tell you how many there are. That is part of the challenge. But I will tell you that there is at least one golden egg that is worth finding.

    You only get ONE chance to answer. Your first answer is the only one that counts. So do not post it until you are very sure you have found as many as you can find.

    Once you are sure you have found as many as you can your answer here in this thread.

    Type a list of where you found each egg. Doesn't have to be a long explanation. Just a short description. Keep golden eggs list separate.

    This thread has moderated replies. Let me explain what that means... You will type out and send your post as usual...but after you submit your post, it will be completely invisible to you and to all other forum members. (That way you are not giving any answers away)

    Please make sure that you completely go over your posts before submitting to make sure that you have everything correct and how you want it..because there is no going back and changing anything.

    Moderators and staff can see all the posts and will be keeping track. We will post from time to time so that you guys see signs of life and know your posts are getting through.

    If you have any them here in this thread. We will answer you here for all to see. (Please do not post random messages or reserve a spot as they will not be seen by the community anyway)

    The contest will run through the end of the day on Easter Sunday. April 16. Midnight pacific time zone. (GMT -8)

    Winners will be announced within the following week.

    (Forum moderators and staff...and evertonjeff...are excluded from participating in the contest. GASP's are eligible to play)

    Here is how and what you win:

    The 10 people that find the highest number of eggs will win a t-shirt and some stickers.

    If more than 10 people find all of the eggs...then the first 10 that posted their answers will be the winners.

    In addition...the first 5 people that have correctly located the golden egg(s) will win the equivalent of 2000 gems in the game of their choice. (Please remember that people in Hay Day will receive a lower number of diamonds...but they equal out to what other games will get)

    Fan Contest Terms and Conditions

    Remember...these are not designed to be easy. Some eggs are really hard. I hope you all enjoy this contest and have an egg-citing time looking for them! (*groan*) Happy Easter everybody!

    I would very much like to give an enormous thank you to evertonjeff for creating the picture! He worked very hard and was so completely creative in how he went about it and how he hid all those eggs! I appreciate all the work you did, sweetie, and am completely amazed at how well you put up with me and all my little changes. You rocked this one big time!

    Good luck and happy hunting!

    Sedward~17/04/17 11:40~IST




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    Pls sry to reply late i just came online today ray

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