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    I like reading, watching movies and series and smoking. I don't know why but I'm badly passionate about it and I know that I should quit as it is bad for my health. I try to switch cigarettes to vape and I think i'm doing great. I found Vapes are a better alternative aand I hope i will quit smoking completely soon. I also enjoy sitting on a windowsill, reading some imteresting book and vaping. It's kinda a ritual for me

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    I like:
    - traveling,
    - do light exercise at gym (tone muscle & gain weight goal)
    - Shopping / only window shopping at mall,
    - enjoying to watch little stars sparkling at the sky 💕💕💕😘 when I was 8-9 years old I want to be an astrounot, after want to be a singer one year before 😁😊.
    - collecting Snoopy things & everything with Star shape/print on it.

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