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    Feb 2016
    Used to love playing Sims3 until my computer puked. Hay Day took over my Sim time.

    I also love to travel, go camping, walking/hiking, read, watch movies, cook and bake, photography and go trail riding.

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    I like online shopping. I often spend money on Amazon of Aliexpress. It's kind of hobby. Last time I ordered a few t-shirts and a swimsuit on Aliexpress but wrote the wrong postal code. I skipped one digit and now I have troubles with the delivery. Now I bookmarked zip code finder and will not repeat the same mistake again.

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    Watching movies, playing video games, walking with friends etc etc
    Now my main hobby is collecting stamps. it is so entertaining!

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    Read, sketching, painting. I’m in what I call my artsy fartsy phase lol! Oh and my biggest one of all..sleep. I love me some nap time! And watching my birds since putting up some bird feeders

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    Oct 2018
    I also like travelling the most. Each year I try to visit at least one new country! I just returned from my trip to Italy, I spent there two amazing weeks. I rented a boat at yacht rental service and explored local sailing destinations. Luckily they have affordable prices so I could rent a boat at for the whole week. It was unforgettable journey.
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    Drawing, painting, any kind of visual art. Cooking, baking. Also reading and watch lots of tv series and movies.

    Also I have great interest in cats.
    Farm: Milky May level 70something, Wheat Hoarder Hippo level 40something

    kik milkymayhippo

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    I love to add special features to the in-progress "Color☆Pad!"
    "In a world where I feel so small, I can't stop thinking big." (Rush - Caravan)

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    Love watching the birds in my garden, reading (love my kindle), watching Sci Fi and binge watching a tv show that I can't wait for the next episode, the latest binge was Manifest.

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    I like:
    - traveling,
    - do light exercise at gym (tone muscle & gain weight goal)
    - Shopping / only window shopping at mall,
    - enjoying to watch little stars sparkling at the sky 💕💕💕😘 when I was 8-9 years old I want to be an astrounot, after want to be a singer one year before 😁😊.
    - collecting Snoopy things & everything with Star shape/print on it.

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