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    Oh my.. playing board games, having some cool ones with my friends in a cozy bar, enjoying the archipelago of Finland, watch Netflix & HBO (too much recently), listening to lots and lots of music... just to scratch the surface


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    Sports I play all kinds I love how you feel when you win. I love being part of something bigger then myself. That's just me.

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    my fav thing to do is go out with friends^^

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    you guys do other stuff then hay day?

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    Hiking and climbing
    Dog time (other animals are welcome, but a dog is a must)
    Makng friends at coffee shops
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    Spinning vinyl

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    Love outdoors stuff! Geocaching is my number 1 hobby. I do it way to often, I suggest trying it super active ( don't know what it is? Look it up ). I also do alot of sports like skating, swimming, volleyball, and now basketball. -Meow (Sarah )

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    listen music, hang out with friends, read books, watch TV show, travel (when I have money)

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    I also like to watch live worldcams. This webcam is my favorite. We had a family holiday in Australia about ten years ago, and stayed in Sydney for a week during our travels. We actually stayed in a flat on Manly Beach, looking out at the ocean. This was great, because the ferry journey into the city centre reaches a point where you round a headland and can suddenly see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House ahead of you, which is spectacular, to say the least.Definitely a Bucket List destination.

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    We also geocache, and with that of course comes a lot of traveling and exploring new places. We like traveling and exploring even without caching We all enjoy history, art, architecture, and ethnic or local restaurants. My younger daughter and I like to take out cameras around and do photography, which is an important part of our waymarking hobby (part of Geocaching). We enjoy animals and being outside. We love our backyard bird feeders and all the little wild creatures that visit us (except the skunk. Nobody liked the skunk.)

    In the autumn, its all about college football, especially my beloved Texas Longhorns. Pro football - meh. On TV we like comedies we can watch together. We just finished watching all 11 seasons of M*A*S*H. The girls vaguely knew of it, but they had never really seen much of it. Now were Netflixing Frasier, which the girls are enjoying.

    We like weather, and flowers, and taking walks in places where where we pet a lot of friendly dogs. We are looking forward to our next weekend trip to an outstanding museum and a fun city.

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