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Thread: HELP for Captain & Turbo Trucker achievements HERE (part 9)

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    Post HELP for Captain & Turbo Trucker achievements HERE (part 9)

    Welcome to the Captain & Turbo Trucker Achievement Help Thread!

    We are dedicated to helping our fellow farmers attain the Captain and Turbo Trucker achievements.
    If you need help with either of these, you are in the right place!!

    --This is post #1, Captain Achievement instructions--
    (For help with Turbo Trucker, please see post # 3)
    We are here to help you make it all the way to Captain III

    To be successful, communicate with us.
    After you post, please wait for a reply; we may have questions for you.

    The thread may be unmonitored from 0300 – 1100 GMT (11 pm – 7 am Eastern US).
    Feel free to post but don’t be surprised if you don’t get an immediate answer.

    Getting Started

    1. On the forum:
    Edit your signature to include your GameCenter name and HayDay level. Click on settings (top right corner of screen) then go to my settings/edit signature. In edit box, type in your name and level.

    2. In Game Center on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod:
    Add an avatar if you don’t already have one. (This helps us find you on our friend bar.) Click on me in bottom bar, then click change photo. You can use any photo in your photos/photo stream or take a photo.

    3. In HayDay, please change your game language to English (if it is currently set to another language) to
    avoid confusion.

    4. Accept incoming friend requests.

    5. Once you have finished reading the information in the next 2 sections on boat arrival and boat sending, reply to xxxxxxthe forum saying you understand what you have read. And ask any questions you have.

    Every time your boat arrives:

    1. Come to the forum before you ask for help with any crates. Provide the following information:
    a. Boat number (tap on your white house, under captain achievement it will say how many boats you have xxxxxxcompleted. Your boat number is the next boat.)

    Cargo needed on boat. Please say how many crates and how many items in each crate.

    If you need help with more than 3 crates, please do not open any! Let us know what items you have xxxxxxon hand or will finish soon, and we will reply with advice on which crates to open.

    2. Ask for help on your 3 crates so they can be filled.

    3. If you need more items, we will sell them to you. We will ask you to come to our shop; please buy the 1 wheat xxxxxxin the last box. After you buy the wheat, we will put the items in the same box.

    4. If you can fill your boat without assistance, please post and tell us; we keep track of your progress.

    Every time your boat is full:

    1. Send it off.

    2. Come to the forum. Provide the following information:
    a. Next boat number

    Cargo needed (tap on your empty dock)

    Number of hours until your boat will arrive. (This is usually 4 hours, but may be more if you are going to xxxxxx delay the arrival time.)

    If you know you will need help with certain items, please tell us.

    3. Wait a few minutes for a reply. We may have a question or a suggestion for you.

    For more detailed information, please continue on to post # 2… FAQs.
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    FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions)

    How did this thread come to be?

    The thread was started in November 2012, the brainchild of Fish Hunter (aka FH, or Fish Trapper) who has been the thread captain ever since. He gathered a group of helpers who have had a marvelous time helping more than 500 farmers attain Captain III. Our goal has always been one of service rather than personal gain, and the close-knit group willingly contributes time, supplies, and knowledge to help others in the HayDay community.

    We give special recognition to 3Dyms, Cimarron77, Elise, Fiona, Rainee, Scarboroughfairfarm, Sinoref, Sophia & WanNotTon who have retired but will never be forgotten. Thank you for all your hard work!!!

    Boat Helpers:
    Alexandra99 BanzaiRun FishHunter
    GiggleClickChick Greenacres1321 Kolonistje1
    LisaLR MarySC Red
    Roya Rubyhomffc Solootje
    Stidge240 Tiggerr Toushkalee

    After achieving Captain I, do I need to start over to do Captain II??

    No!! You have to do 12 boats consecutively (in a row) to get all of your captain achievements done at once. This is why we do not want you to ever miss a boat!

    May I help other boats?
    We strongly suggest that you keep your stock right now, you may need it for your next boat. Once you have graduated, you are welcome to help.

    What if I post and no one replies??
    We try to have someone monitoring the thread when it is open, especially when boats are due. If there is no activity on the thread and you have waited several minutes, please come back now and then. If there is activity on the thread but no one replies to you, please post again, your message might have been missed!

    How do I delay my boat arrival time?
    To delay your boat arrival, completely close your HayDay game. From your home screen, double click on the home button. On the bottom of the screen will be all your open apps. Push and hold the HayDay app icon and a minus sign will appear. Push the icon one more time and HayDay will close.
    If you are using apples iOS7 operating system - Double tap the home button, put your finger on the HayDay app and swipe up, the app is now closed.
    Once your boat is at the dock you cannot stop the clock. You can only keep a boat from arriving.
    You may still get a notification that your boat has arrived. Do not open the app to check!!

    I can’t open my boat when I said I would. What should I do?
    Please post and tell us so someone is not waiting for your boat.

    Can you tell me how many items are likely to be needed in my crates?
    The HayDay GuideBook has a list of likely quantities. Since the GuideBook was published, the quantities of some items have been decreased somewhat, and at lower levels the quantities of all items may be less than stated.

    Why do you care what crates I ask for help on?
    If you only need a little help, feel free to pick the crates. But if you need help with more than 3 crates, we can assist you in deciding which ones to ask for help with. Some things are more likely to be stolen (sniped) if we have to sell them to you. These items include sugars, jam, and dairy products.

    What can I do to make it easier to use the forum?

    1. Play HayDay on one device and view the forum on another (a computer or a smartphone).
    2. If you have not yet registered, try to use your GameCenter name as your “user name”.
    3. Enable pop-ups for private messages so you see them right away. Go to settings/ my account/general settings/ private messaging/new private message notification pop-up, and change the option to ”show”.
    4. Edit your profile. In my settings/edit profile/location, put in your general location; we then have an idea of your time zone.
    5. If you have a GameCenter/forum name that is not gender specific, you may want to add your first name in your signature so everyone can tell if you are male or female.
    6. Change your view so the newest post is at the top of the first page. Go to settings/my account/general settings/thread display options/thread display mode, and change to “linear-newest”.
    7. Remember that you must wait 1 minute between posts. For this reason, you may see us editing a prior post rather than starting a new one. If you are waiting for a response you may want to check the post before yours.

    Once I have completed my Captain III achievement, what is next???

    1. Most importantly you can cast off boats that require sugars, high volume dairy, etc. Just tap on the “send boat” button before asking for help or filling any crates.
    2. We also help candidates get their Turbo Trucker achievements. Please go to post # 3 for more information.
    3. If you would like to help others, you are welcome. Please don’t offer to fill crates or sell to new candidates until they have been checked and confirmed by a boat helper, as this can confuse them and keep them from doing everything they need to do to get started.
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    Turbo Trucker Achievement Help

    Are you looking for help with Turbo Trucker (TT) II or III? If so, you have come to the right place! We offer advice on how to prepare and then will provide back up for you during your runs.

    TT achievements reset after each goal. For example, if you fill 20 trucks (TT II), you then have to do another 30 to reach TT III! For this reason the two runs are usually done at least a few days apart, giving you time to restock in between.

    Preparation Guidelines
    *** Preparation is the key factor for a successful TT Run! ***
    Your first order board

    1. Choose your first 8-9 truck orders wisely. Discard those that contain jam, metal bars, and jewelry. If barn space is a problem, choose orders that donít take up a lot of space. Keep discarding orders until you like them all.
    2. Make sure that every order has a green tick/checkmark and that duplicate orders are covered. (If you have 2 orders each needing 3 cream cakes, you really need 6 cream cakes, even though each order will have a green tick.)

    General supplies

    1. Try to stock 5 of every product you can make in addition to what you need for the first order board. (You need to have more than 5 bread and popcorn.)
    2. Keep in mind that animal feed and ore are never needed for truck orders.
    3. Have all of your animals ready so you are able to collect from them when needed.
    4. Once your barn is full, you can continue to make food products and leave them stacked outside the machines. (Your barn must be completely full for this to happen.) Consider leaving popcorn, bread, sugars, and cream until last and then store them outside. You can store up to 100 items on each machine, though you will only see about 8 of them. As you run your trucks and your barn empties you can pick up the outside supplies. For specific instructions on stockpiling please click here.
    5. Stock long-growing plants in your silo, and be sure your wheat and corn is ready to be collected in your fields. It is easy to grow a second or even third crop of wheat and corn during the run.
    6. Keep your fruit on the trees and bushes to collect when you need it; store some in the silo only if you have extra space.

    Additional advice

    1. If you are very close to leveling up it is wise to check the HayDay Guidebook to see what new items you will get. If you are in the middle of your run when you level up you may be asked for items you cannot yet make!
    2. Ensure that you have enough coins to be able to pay base price for needed items.
    3. If you are close to a barn, silo, or land expansion, you may wish to expand before doing TT so you have more barn space.
    4. You may need to stop filling boat orders during TT preparation so you can concentrate on building your stockpile.

    TT Run

    **** Stay calm and listen to your main helper! ***

    Getting Started

    1. We are happy to back you up by selling you items needed that are in excess of the guidelines. However, we expect that you will be prepared as stated above. If it is obvious during the run that you are not adequately prepared, we may ask you to stop your run and come back when you are.
    2. Once you feel you are ready, please post on the forum. The TT run may be able to be done immediately, but there is a good chance that it will need to be scheduled when there is enough help around and when there are no boats being filled . We may ask some questions about your stock levels or even ask you to provide lists of both the first board orders and the stock on hand so we can be sure that your run will be successful.
    3. You will be matched with an experienced main helper who will coordinate your run and sell you needed items. You should only listen to your main helper during the run!
    4. If the main helper is out of an item, s/he will buy it from a backup. This won't affect you as you will still buy what is needed from your main helper, but you may be asked to wait to shop.
    5. If you can arrange it, it is much easier to use 2 devices during the run; 1 for Hay Day and 1 for the forum.

    TT Run

    1. Before starting your run, visit your main helperís store and then go back to your farm. Your main helperís farm will then be centered on your friend bar.
    2. Your main helper will give you the go-ahead to start. You may be asked to go to your main's shop and buy wheat to mark the start time. We will keep track of your time.
    3. Once you start, run your first board of truck orders and post that you have done so. After that, continue to run your trucks until you have some items you need. Do a new post with each list of items needed. After you post, please go to your main helperís shop to buy. There will be no wheat, so please move quickly.
    4. Please skip orders that will require you to buy metal bars, jewelry, and jam until the end; we will supply these items only if absolutely necessary.
    5. If you have stacked items outsider your machines, don't put them all in the barn too soon; save space for items you may need to get from your main helper.
    6. Every now and then while your truck is running please update us with your current truck number: click on the white house, find 'Turbo Trucker' and you will see how many trucks you have completed so far.

    Good Luck!

    We are here to help you all the way!!
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    HayDayers have attained Captain III with the help of this thread.
    October 2012 to December 2013

    1 Blueangel2583
    2 Fria
    3 Jpony57
    4 Carenasc
    5 Imamakbari
    6 Mar23(deepblue23)
    7 Cpom
    8 Nicomonteiro
    9 Key030
    10 Red
    11 Jbaishi
    12 Jannykay
    13 McKinley(Jean300)
    14 Penelope
    15 Natsinryan
    16 JMari
    17 Dewsiy
    18 Rossmwd
    19 Timbo
    20 Winestar
    21 HayNoMiner
    22 Randallcornelius
    23 Lilleboeren
    24 Terribl
    25 ILoveCoffee
    26 Rediste
    27 Soph
    28 Jumbo
    29 Fiona
    30 Lolaleebus
    31 Danielle
    32 Ank4an75
    33 Wonka
    34 AnnaMagento
    35 Chacanou
    36 Tweetybatten
    37 Tibnlhasa
    38 Sheisadopegirl
    39 Stidge240
    40 Erik3108
    41 Keane
    42 007Wood(W_T_H_B_B_Q)
    43 Nat8587
    44 Rozetoonzo
    45 Jigrad
    46 Yunitajocom
    47 Vic
    48 Bibi
    49 Sobriquet
    50 Wiggenlis
    51 Caddicam
    52 Perseante
    53 Azmyrax
    54 Tuiny
    55 AFineWar
    56 KaeKae39
    57 MissMetropolis
    58 PTran5
    59 XTAZY
    60 KazKazKaz
    61 Sadi37
    62 Katus
    63 Alyshaatthezoo
    64 Elenelle
    65 Cbrusso
    66 Ribenasoda(Xither)
    67 Giathuan2707(ty2707)
    68 Mapex007
    69 AngelSoLovely
    70 Tvjunkie
    71 Jujubeee
    72 Noekey
    73 MsPepperpot(gold286)
    74 bchapman(bchapmaan)
    75 Darkforce(bensonlim)
    76 Fred06
    77 Ukayla
    78 fangel59
    79 Jojonah
    80 Smorrison911
    81 Alexandraspel
    82 AndromedaAiken
    83 anniewee(Anniewee63)
    84 Jacobdintsv
    85 Elinaea
    86 Rise1955
    87 sinorref
    88 Idob57
    89 Hotty101287
    90 Scarboroughfairfarm
    91 Peacebug2
    92 CharlotteNr1
    93 solootje
    94 Jorule77
    95 Ncrowne
    96 Barbiebacardi
    97 DeviantZipy
    98 Sophia(***Sophia***)
    99 WeeWillieWinkie
    100 Kfalek
    101 Immax(Immax81)
    102 MNicole1983(uitslag)
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    113 iWinFlips
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    115 Campbell
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    162 Jke(Jakealpo)
    163 movsemovs
    164 Bec
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    169 Iza(nescio20)
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    173 Pinkstarbelly
    174 Lexgixxer
    175 Athena8309
    176 Ryzilla360
    177 Purplemist
    178 Szen
    179 Pennypen
    180 mmowens01
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    The main helpers have retuned from their vacation well rested and will be reopening this thread any minute now.

    Thank you! ClashOfHolmes for an awesome sig!

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    Yahoo!! We're back!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubyhomffc View Post
    Yahoo!! We're back!!
    We are indeed, Ruby!

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    Testing my signature...
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    Did I get this sig right? I am so bad at these things...

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