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    Announcing - Farm Wars! ;)



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    April Fools Frisco! I don't think we'll be seeing Clash of Hay any time soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightmareX View Post
    April Fools Frisco! I don't think we'll be seeing Clash of Hay any time soon.
    Then again, a clown wars april fool was brought out not to long before clan wars were introduced. So maybe those farmers will be oulling out their pitchforks to see who runs the better farm
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    Hardy har har!

    The War of the Roses!

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    OH! Get the picture. Rosie will have some competition. Red headed competitor? Red's have quick tempers. Look out Rosie... lol

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    The cow's face though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frisco[Supercell] View Post


    Good thing I, Tilly's grandma, have been stockpiling saws, axes, dynamite, and TNT from fumble-fingered farmers for YEARS!

    Bring it on, Farm Boy

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    Town Wars

    Quote Originally Posted by Frisco[Supercell] View Post


    Town Wars? I can't wait for the next update when the Townies fight for the right to rule the town!

    You really outdone yourselves, Team Hay Day.

    Happy belated April 1, 2017, everyone.
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    What the hell?
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    Thank you so much sweet Supercell.

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